Agency / Natural Law / Liberty

To be effective in our efforts to defend liberty we have to understand “natural law,” or what the Founders call in the Declaration of Independence, “the law of nature and of nature’s God.” If we fail to understand these basic principles, we will be easily caught off guard in supporting programs and causes that actually end up eroding liberty instead of preserving it. The materials in this section break down these principles with easy to understand examples and explanations of these foundational ideas that are true no matter where or when they are discussed.


Samuel Pufendorf: Forgotten Influence on the Founding Fathers (28 min)

Understand the Founding Fathers by understanding those who influenced them.


The Importance Of And Selections From CATO’s Letters (1 hr. 1 min)


Medicine Leads the Way

How government regulated, controlled and mandated medical care is a sign of tyranny, as much as the changing of the color of the leaves is a sign that winter is on its way.


Natural Law: Laying The Foundation

Understanding natural law helps us to better understand the principles of the proper role of government that you can learn more about below.

Proper Role of Secular Government