Citizen Basic Training

Defending Utah is dedicated to helping to increase the public’s understanding of the US Constitution, the principles of liberty and what the Founding Fathers called, “Natural Law”. To help further this effort, we have collected key video’s that help build this understanding.

We encourage you to view these videos in the order they are presented, from top to bottom.


  • Man, Freedom and Government

    This video is the perfect starting point for individuals just starting out in their understanding of the principles of liberty. It outlines the principles of natural law, or the proper role of government and what happens when these principles are violated.

  • Overview of America

    This video expands upon the principles in Man Freedom & Government, explaining types of government, why the Founders established a Republic and NOT a Democracy as well as the political spectrum and different economic philosophies and how they relate to individual liberty.


  • Dr. Angus McIntosh – Property Rights

    Dr. McIntosh received his PhD from New Mexico State University, worked for the US Forest Service and discovered that much of what the US Government tells ranchers, in an effort to get them to give up their rights, just wasn’t true. He has been called as an expert court witness in his field in addition to lecturing and assisting ranchers in defending their property rights.

    In this presentation, Dr. McIntosh explains the corruption and what land owners can do to restore lost property rights


  • Understanding False Opposition

    As you study liberty and the Constitution, you start to see how those in government are violating these principles, and it begins to become obvious that it’s not on accident. This presentation by Defending Utah co-founder, Ben McClintock, lays out the key principle of false opposition, a strategy used to deceive lovers of liberty into actually helping to destroy liberty.

    Without this key to the puzzle, it is difficult to impossible to be effective in your activism efforts.