Invasion: the Conspiracy Today
Vol. 2 - How We End It

Expanding on the foundations laid in Vol 1, INVASION vol 2, bringing us into the 20th and 21st centuries, naming names and revealing information never revealed before about the Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, the Council on Foreign Relations and many others, INVASION Vol 2 documents how these satanic globalist organizations have infiltrated our communities.

Most importantly though INVASION Vol 2 offers solutions. Drawing from every society that has been successful in restoring lost liberty, INVASION Vol 2 offers solutions that work, and the conspiracy has proven to be afraid of.

~222 pgs.

What are people saying about INVASION Vol 2?

Ben McClintock has given us the eyeglasses we need to see through
the blur of propaganda. Seeking and seeing the truth and knowing ‘how to end it’ gives us hope for the future of our posterity!

-David “Uncle Milty” Brader of the Kate Dalley Radio Show



Invasion: How the Conspiracy Has Infiltrated Your Community - Vol. 1 - How it Began

None Dare Call it Conspiracy introduced an entire generation to the reality that powerful elites in government, business, and academia have been planning for decades—even centuries—to build what they call a ‘New World Order’. Its purpose is to eradicate the majority of the population and enslave the rest. But how is their agenda being implemented on the local level? Their nefarious work could not be accomplished without an extensive network of cooperative agents in communities across the globe executing this calculated, evil agenda.

~122 pages

INVASION is an eye-opening and compelling two-volume work illuminating the reader’s understanding of how their own communities have been infiltrated by this conspiracy. Utilizing documents previously available only through university, religious, and government archives, Invasion not only exposes the Conspiracy’s network, but documents their biggest fear, and what we can do to stop them.

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