Banks Basically Admit To Helping Epstein + An Exclusive Skull & Bones Report

We’ve covered the Satanic conspiracy in-depth in the past, and Ben interviewed James Corbett predicting the fake suicide of Jeffery Epstein shortly after his arrest. Today we cover the recent settlements of Deutsche Bank & JP Morgan with Epstein victims, what the implications are and why aren’t their clients being prosecuted.

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  1. I’m was born into a multigenerational Satanic family that goes back for 8-10 generations. Because of the love of Christ I was able at the age of approx 45 I got out alive. I’m 70 now and am still working on my satanic programming, and also my family sold me and my step sister to the CIA and was highly programmed with the use of much torture and demonic influence

  2. I was being trained/tortured from the age of 3 to be a sex slave to a presidential candidate from Kansas that didn’t win the presidency who died a few yrs ago. I know someone who is about 10 yrs younger than me who was similarly tortured to be that to a woman who ran against Trump in 2016. She escaped and had become a really good therapist for people with her and my background.

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