In-depth coverage of topics is essential to understanding of important topics such as liberty and the conspiracy we face. However, we know that everyone’s time is valuable and individuals new to these topics need something quick to decide if they want to learn more.

In an effort to reach these individuals, we have been posting daily 1 minute shorts on topics of liberty, the constitution, and the conspiracy.

Our goal is to help bring more interest to our more in-depth coverage of these important topics, and as understanding increases, our desire to take action increases.

You can see them on Facebook, Instagram & our new relaunched YouTube channel. While we are still able to use these venues to reach more people, please watch and share on the platform of your choice.

Here are a couple of samples:



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  1. Cox is an obvious willing puppet of the globalists (the Gadiantons), that’s why they put him as governor. He doesn’t have the intelligence, integrity, morals, ethics, or ability to do things on his own, he has to do what he’s told. A willing slave who will NOT ever break free, they know they’ve got him on their side. He will never dare question them, will always do as they say.

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