In this report, I document the history, from the 1860s to today, behind a deeply entrenched conspiracy to change the culture of liberty in more traditional states, with Utah being the case study, to merge with the stateist and anti God culture of metropolitan cities such as New York and San Fransisco.


George Orwell stated,

“The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own under- standing of their history.”

To be able to restore the culture, we have to know how it was changed, why and by whom. It is our primary focus at the Tree of Liberty Society to help us all in our efforts to restore liberty as well as expose and thwart those that are conspiring to destroy it. One of our most powerful tools in this endeavor is restoring lost history that was purposefully “denied” or “obliterated”.

An Overview of The Conspirators in Utah

Every Monday Activist members of Tree of Liberty Society have the opportunity to participate in our weekly training. The image below is from one of those training sessions. This time line gives us a birds eye view of some of the activities that brought us to the culture we have today.

The early settlers of what is now known as Utah loved the Constitution and the principles it was founded upon. They were of the belief that they were second to no one as being defenders of it but the nation and its administrators had rejected the Constitution and refused to protect the people in their religious liberties forcing them to flee the country and settle in a land they hoped no one wanted and would therefore leave them alone to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience.

Leaving people alone to be free is not something state (Satan) worshipers can allow and they immediately worked to bring these “refugees” again under the control of those that had once oppressed them, not only did the conspirators want the settlers back under their control, they conspired to destroy the culture that lead them to support liberty and the Constitution. One of Deseret’s founding fathers, John Taylor, explained,

“The scenes which we are now witnessing in the Territory are the results of a deep- laid and carefully planned conspiracy, which has been in process of formation for years. Its originators knew the elements they had to deal with, and by cunning contrivance they have effected a wonderful combination. Religious and irreligious, ministers in sacerdotal robes and atheistic scoffers, business men of integrity and black- legs, temperance men and drunkards, men of strict morality and pimps and harlots, are crowded together on the platform they have constructed, and they find no inconvenience from each other’s companionship. Each is made to believe that it is to his direct interest to combine to destroy “Mormonism.” Deseret News, 13 April 1886

A more motley collection of human beings was never witnessed. Differ as they may upon everything else, there has been one common thought and purpose running through the whole and holding them together, and that is hatred of the religion of the Latter-day Saints and a determination to destroy it and them.  The conspirators have appealed to the prejudices of each one to induce him to work in concert for this common end. In the ministers they have found ready and willing allies; in fact, these have been the chief authors and promoters of the conspiracy.

The Pharisees in the days of the Savior were no more ready to egg the multitude on to cry out “Crucify him, crucify him,” than many of the ministers of our time are to urge Congress to enact measures for our destruction. It is  now some years since the sectarian ministers here (with the exception of the Catholic clergymen) combined in a document to congress, urging that body to legislate against  us.” (First Presidency, Deseret Weekly News, 13 April 1886, pg. 194)

Groups Conspiring Against Utah

Organizations were set up for the purposes laid out by John Taylor, to not just legislate against the settlers, but to “destroy” them. In several historical records we find the creation of “secret societies” with the stated official agenda to “destroy Mormonism”.

“This year (1872) a secret society, called the “Gentile League of Utah” was organized in Salt Lake City, its object being to break up “Mormon Theocracy.” The Historical Record, Andrew Jenson,1890, vol 9 page 87

“Sometime after this, a secret society was organized in the city and mining camps, known as the “Gentile League of Utah”. Its mission was to break up “Mormon Theocracy”, made so famous by McKean’s extraordinary official statement, that it was on trial in his court, in the person of Brigham Young. “ History  of Salt Lake City, Edward Tullidge, 1886, page 590

As we see here, government officials were not putting people on trial for individual crimes that were alleged to be committed, but an entire religion was being put on trial, with the predetermined outcome of destroying said religion. The four volume history of Utah explained the intentions and activities of the Gentile League saying,

“Under cover of ‘arming and organizing for protection’, the secret society known as the ‘Gentile League of Utah’ was formed. Within its program- if statements from its own side may be relied upon was the deliberate massacre of municipal officers and citizens. Such a purpose, it is said, was really conceived, and only awaited an opportunity for its execution.

That opportunity, it was hoped by the leaders of the league, would be afforded at the election. Associated with the work and purpose of this lawless organization were leading federal officials, and prominent at public meetings where its power and purposes were boasted of, were such men as Judge Strickland, General Maxwell, R.N. Baskin (state legislator, mayor of Salt Lake, &associate justice of the Utah Supreme Court), J.M. Orr, Rev. Norman McLeod, and other anti-Mormon radicals. At a meeting on East temple Street, in from of the Salt Lake House, Judge  William  Haydon  declared  that  if the populace interrupted the liberal program, the streets of Salt Lake would be ‘seen running down with blood.’” History of Utah, Orson F. Whitney, 1893, volume 2 page 723

Elected officials took part and lead the charge of threatening blood in the streets if their agenda of destroying the faith and religion of the founders of the territory were not destroyed! The Gentile League wasn’t the only secret society organized for these intentions.

Multiple Secret Societies

Historical publications mark 1886 as the year the “Utah Loyal League” was formed.

According to the preamble to its constitution the League was to be an association ‘open as to its general object and purpose, but secret as to its membership and proceedings.’ Its purpose was set forth in the form of its enrolling list as follows:

‘The objects of the Utah Loyal League are to combine the loyal people of Utah, male and female, irrespective of politics, in opposition to the political rule and the law-defying practices of the so called Mormon Church; to oppose the admission of Utah into the Union until she has the substance as well as the form of republican government; to raise money to maintain agents in Washington or elsewhere to labor for these ends.’” Americana, American Historical Magazine, 10:457

The states official history publication explained,

“At this time the Utah Loyal League was formed, and a branch was organized in Park City. The purpose of the Loyal League was to eradicate by peaceable means, but lawful force, the doctrine of the Mormons.” Utah Historical Quarterly, 28:148

In 1884, another organization that is still around today worked to follow the footsteps of the Gentile League and the Loyal League by organizing a Democratic club as a “first step toward displacement of the church-oriented political parties by the national parties” (Malmquist, pg 13)

Same Goals Continue Today

A past candidate for the state senate, Heather Gardner, recounts an experience she had knocking on doors,

“I spoke to a constituent yesterday who said that her good friend Lane Beattie the president of the Salt Lake chamber. He is struggling because they admit their main purpose is to spread out the Mormon influence in politics and to make sure Mormons do not hold office like they’re doing in Salt Lake County.” KTALK Radio 19 September 2019

An organization called the “Buckshot Caucus”, which is a group of lawyers, government workers and legislators who call themselves the “Utah Illuminati” (with an “Illuminati” all seeing eye as its logo) and has the same goals of the organizations above, even though it has many members who publicly call themselves “Mormons”. One of their founders, Herbert for Governor staffer and employee of the state department of workforce services bragged on Twitter,

“[Utah is] barely over 50% [Mormon] and shrinking. SLC is very Democrat and one of the gayest cities in the U.S. and proud of it [Salt Lake] just elected Jackie Biskupski as mayor and she is openly gay. It’s a pretty great state and getting better.”

Biskupski gloated that,

“This is our [sodomites] city. This [city hall] is our building, and we are running this city!”

So called “conservatives” as well as Mormons are a part of these organizations and their efforts to change the culture and remove any lasting vestiges of the principles we were founded upon. As we can see, they change their names, and have several organizations with the same people with the same goals, so focusing on a single organization can only be useful as a starting point in under- standing who is a part of this movement. Knowing that it is a deliberate attack though can help us to understand the real purposes of public, social or political initiatives, and give us the understanding and courage to not give in even a single inch to their agenda and hold fast and uncompromising in correct principles.

Learn more about this conspiracy in my books, INVASION Volumes 1 & 2 as well as in our “Conspiracy” Learn section below:

Secret Combinations


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  1. This is one of the hardest things for Latter-day Saints to understand and accept from what I’ve seen – that there are members of the church, some very prominent who pretty much everyone knows about, who are actually dedicated to the destruction of the LDS people. They are fake members but actually part of the Gadiantons (secret combinations) warned about repeatedly all through the Book of Mormon. For some reason taking the Book of Mormon seriously on these things is difficult for church members – but I think it’s because the leadership hasn’t talked about this topic in the slightest (100% AWOL on this, total negligence on a super important topic) since 3+ decades ago.

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