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I wanted to tell you today about a a new book that I just got. It’s not a new book but it’s an important book and it’s a book that actually got someone killed got the man that wrote the book.

Now, what could somebody write that would get them killed? And what’s even more interesting is the book that he wrote, that got him killed, wasn’t even published until after his death. Wasn’t even published and they felt it was so dangerous that he had to be killed for this book now if you haven’t read this book.

I know I haven’t told you the name of the book. If you haven’t read this book, if you don’t know about this book, if you don’t know about the contents of this book, then you don’t know the context of the writings of the founding fathers.

Which is so essential because the conspiracy that we face is working to destroy our understanding of our history, and they do that through the changing of definition of words. So this book and this man, the founding fathers read a lot of. And it it informed the things that they did it’s called Discourses on Government by Algernon Sydney.

Now why would this book get a man killed before it was even published?

These are some principles in here that that we have forgotten and that we need to return to. I just want to give you an example of this book I, (and I’ll put a link in the in the description of this video where you get your own copy if you don’t have one) this is a really great copy from uh the Liberty Fund and it’s fantastic and um I just want to just turn to page 313 and he talks about the powers of the king and what it takes to to commit treason and he says,

“The king must be suffered, meaning allowed, to do nothing against the law against it, meaning the law, nor in any respect more than the law to allow so the king can’t do anything more than the law allows him to do he is subject as much as anybody else to the law for this reason Bron saith that the king had three superiors to wit diamlium and Parliament that is the power originally in the people of England is delegated unto the parliament he is subject, under the law of God as he is a man to the people that makes him a king in as much as he is a king the law sets a measure unto that subjection and the Parliament judges of the particular cases thereupon Rising he must be content to submit his interest unto theirs since he is no more than any one of them in any other respect than that he is by the consent of all raised above any other if he does not like this condition he may renounce the crown but if he receive it upon that condition as all magistrates do the power they receive and swear to perform it he must expect that the performance will be exacted or Revenge taken by those that He hath betrayed Revenge taken by those that he has betrayed”

When a government official betrays his oath of office by violating the law I mean the constitution of of the state or of the union or of natural law of God’s law because he is subject unto God just like the rest of us are, then revenge is a natural consequence by those that he has betrayed against him. So that’s just one of the the things that got him killed.

Now today there has been a book recently published in, two books last year and one this year, written by me that has actually gotten the eyre of government, thankfully I haven’t been killed yet, but they want to silence me.

If you want to learn more about that check out my previous videos, but we have here is Invasion volumes one and two which get into the principles of just exploring and documenting the conspiracy that we Face how it’s infiltrated all of our communities and what we can do about it and it’s something that the conspiracy and that the the people that shouldn’t be, the powers that shouldn’t be, are very afraid of.

So, they’re trying to stop me just like they tried to stop Algernon Sydney, and so I encourage you to get books by people that the powers that shouldn’t be don’t like. Because maybe there’s something in there that you need to know. What is it that they are afraid of you knowing? So, I encourage you to get the book by Algernon Sydney, encourage you to get Invasion volumes one and two.

I’m Ben McClintock from the Tree of Liberty Society. We’ll see next time.



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