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Monkey See, Monkey Do
You’ll find out how “crazy” below when you learn that the FBI Executed a Utah County senior citizen and the
County S.O. SWATTED a
respected journalist.

In our recent exposé, “The Heart of the Hydra,” we demonstrated how the FBI’s criminal upper-echelon desecrated the Constitution and corrupted the entire agency. This is the single most comprehensive compilation of the FBI’s long historical trend of systemic corruption known to exist.

In addition to direct FBI actions and inactions that harm individual provisions, rights, and guarantees of the US Constitution, potent indirect effects exist that we will begin to reveal today. Through various systemic mechanisms, the FBI Hydra lures and entices Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LLEAs) like the Utah Count Sheriff’s Office to follow same contra-constitutional policies, practices, and procedures.

As far as the Ole’ Buzzard is concerned, Utah County’s LLEAs are drunk on the local “crazy” water and the whole kit and kaboodle are hereby quarantined. If “Goodfellas” and “Mandemic” Madmen can quarantine a Nation with random abandon, we can quarantine a mere County. Read the rest of the article here


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