What are practical applications of fulfilling our civic duty? When we engage in specific solutions to restore or maintain liberty, we have to understand what works, what doesn’t work and why.

The issues we face today are like fires, but these are not accidental, it’s important to identify the arsonists.

Whereas traditional solutions (i.e. voting, running for office, lobbying, holding rallies, petitions, etc.) are akin to fighting fires, Tree of Liberty Society is building upon a principled foundation to also identify and stop the arsonists. We do this through a means of education, changing the culture, committees, member trainings, nullification, and more.

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The Tree of Liberty Society offers:

  • Hundreds of articles and video’s published to help build understanding
  • 70 and growing member trainings to help build understanding and take action.
  • A document archive with access to hundreds of rare or exclusive documents from religious and government history
  • 7 Boot camp classes
  • 21+ years’ experience
  • Two books on the conspiracy
  • Audio book
  • Access to experts on a variety of topics of interest
  • The ability to network with a wide range of individuals
  • Social events
  • A path / comprehensive plan towards building a better world – Solutions


The Founders Recipe, by Dr. Joe Wolverton

Reading and studying what the Founding Fathers read and studied, Dr. Wolverton has put together the recipe that the Founders followed and that we can follow to restore lost liberty. Get your physical copy of The Founders Recipe here.


INVASION Vol II: How We End It

INVASION Vol II: How We End It extensively covers the solutions covered not only by ancient civilizations, but what the scriptures say we are to do. Get your copy here.


This is not about politics. This is a battle between Christ and Satan. If we don’t recognize that absolute fact and all its implications, we’re going to continue perpetuating and supporting the chains that have been placed upon us.

Every modern solution that we are used to engaging in, (voting, running for office, letter writing, rallies, etc.) are modern inventions designed to strengthen the chains of tyranny.

We’ve shown you all these things going on to bring us to the situation we find ourselves in today, but we don’t want to be “the most informed person in the concentration camp.” we don’t want to just say, “I told you so, this was all real.” Saying, “I told you so”, doesn’t do us any good.

It does not help us to know about these things if we’re not going to do anything about it. I’m not trying to educate you, we are trying to build understanding so that all of us can be effective in our efforts to not just stop the conspiracy, but to build a free society. As the Apostle James tells us:

“We are to be doers of the word and not hearers only.” (James 1:22 KJV)

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One of the most effective parts of the solution involves the principle of nullification that deserves its own section.  Click below to find out more.