The Constitution

The Constitution, when followed, has proven to be the tool needed to keep government and check and a vital tool to ensure government is contained to its sole role of protecting our God given rights. The tools below are great tools to help us better grasp the principles of the Constitution to better keep our government within its bounds.


Lives, Fortunes & Sacred Honor, by Dr. Joe Wolverton

What did the Founders understand about the risks they were taking?  These weren’t men who could be frightened by some feckless little “king” or his tyrannical proclamation. No. These were MEN, men who knew that every generation must pay the price of freedom and it was their turn. They did not hesitate to put their lives, their money, and their reputations on the altar of liberty.



Twenty Minute Crash Course On The Constitution

Dr. Joe Wolverton gives a crash course on the Constitution, explaining the definitions of key words. Understanding these key words and their intent will help us in our study of the Constitution and the intent of its authors.

A Founding Father Explains The Intent of the Constitution

A largely forgotten Founding Father, St. George Tucker, actually wrote a book explaining their (the Founders) intent when they wrote the different provisions of the Constitution.


James Madison Taught What To Do When The Government Violates The Constitution

In Federalist 46, James Madison lays out a simple and coordinated plan for forcing the federal beast back inside its constitutional cage!

Stepping Stone To Something Greater….

Orson Pratt taught,

“But with all its glory and greatness and perfection, it [the US Constitution] was only a steppingstone to a form of government infinitely greater and more perfect.” (Orson Pratt, JD 7:215)

What was that “infinitely greater and more perfect form of government?  Click below to find out more.

Kingdom of God