Following up on our report from June 2022, there has been a concerted action to deny and discredit the fact that Satanic Ritual abuse is real in an effort to cover up for the satanic elite.

NBC smear campaign

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  1. Satanic Ritual is totally real! We have demons around us! 1/3 of hosts of heaven followed Satan! How can we not believe???

  2. Hi, so glad you are addressing this horrible issue. I’m a multi generational satanic ritual abuse survivor. I had the typical MPD or DID as it is now called. I integrated all 57 of my personalities in Feb 2020 an of course am continuing to heal. I’m not from Utah. I’m from Kansas from a little town from hell. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and dad to hear of possible church involvement but every other church I’ve gone to had had members involved so not to surprised. I’ve been kicked off of survivors groups because I’m Mormon . People didn’t feel safe with me because of that. It wasn’t a problem I didn’t feel safe because they were evangelical Christians but that was not a problem with others. Oh well.
    Why wouldn’t this be a problem since we’re living in the last of the last days??? I feel like my job is to help others heal and to educate others abt the secret combinations of this sort in our days.
    I guess the saddest info over found out is that Pres. Nelson is a member of Skull and Bones and that other apostle. I love Pres. Nelson but don’t know how a person could be totally trustworthy. I do believe he was 100 percent led by the spirit to tell us to “Hear him!!!”. And that there would come a time when if we didn’t have the ability to hear the holy spirit we wouldn’t make it. I had that proven true to me on Feb of 2020 when with our praying abt it the spirit told me sternly NOT TO EVER TAKE A VACCINE FOR THE COVID VIRUS AND NEVER TO BED TESTED FOR IT ALSO. That led me to start researching the virus and the vaccine when it came out. So bless Pres. Nelson for teaching us that truth!!! I’m still praying for my answer to the Skull and Bones answer!!! I totally still have a testimony of Joseph Smith and the church.

    Thank you so much for all your work. I live in Colorado… Kinda glad I don’t line in CRAZY Utah… I’ve heard it’s kinda crazy morning territory. Lol!

    Mary”Francene” Gwin

    1. I think it’s pretty clear when President Nelson is speaking things consistent with truth and the scriptures – and when he’s not, urging us to get a depopulation death shot and urging masking etc.

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