Some States Repeal Part of Bill of Rights!

In a all too common “bait and switch” move, state legislatures are voting to repeal the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution with no coverage by the corporate or even alternative media.

The Constitution delegate a few specific powers to the central government. Some of the Founders though, feared that without a specific clause explaining this fact, that power hungry individuals would one day go beyond those “few and defined” powers and pushed for the passing of the first ten amendments to the Constitution commonly referred to as, “The Bill of Rights”, the final amendment, the tenth, stating specifically that if the federal government was not given specific permission to do something, they could not do that thing.

Under the guise of “standing up” to the Feds, several states have introduced legislation its proponents claim enforce the tenth amendment, but in reality prevent the state from ever being able  to actually do its job.

Utah’s push is the most egregious, however, States of Tennessee, Wyoming, and Missouri have also introduced bills that are at best “message bills” (legislation that do nothing but feign support or opposition to something). In Utah’s case though specifically, it is much more nefarious with codification of measures which prevent any future attempt at nullifying any illegal acts of the federal government.

The John Birch Society’s Constitutional Law Scholar, Joe Wolverton, joins Ben to discuss the language of the bill and the deception behind such horrific legislation.


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  1. This is like everything that comes from Cox and Utah’s state government. They’re all frauds through and through. Many are LDS and should be excommunicated for their lies and devotion to the satanic Gadiantons (or for being Gadiantons themselves).

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