The ‘Crazy’ Thing Cleon Skousen’s Supporters Did After He Was Fired

It’s interesting how pacified we’ve become as a culture. I am not talking about how we’re not even close to as bold as the generation of the Founders, but we aren’t even close to as bold as our grand or great grandparents’ generation in standing up against government officials when they saw wrongdoing.

If anyone were to behave in the way these former generations had, almost everyone today would condemn their behavior.

Just refusing to wear a mask while shopping got members of the Tree of Liberty Society called “extremists” by so called conservatives saying we had to “respect” the “property rights” of these tyrannically compliant businesses in 2020 & 2021.

What did earlier generations do that would put our actions to shame and would bring condemnation upon them from many “conservatives”, “patriots” and even many reading this article?

From 1766 to 1776, there were more than 70 recorded incidents of tarring and feathering by colonists against government officials.

In Berkshire, colonists forced justices of the court from their seats, shut up the courthouse, and forced the justices from the city.

Outside of Boston, colonists went to the home of another judge and fired shots into his house forcing him out of the city.

In 1774, the Attorney General’s house had its windows broken and other damage, forcing him to flee the city of Cambridge, Mass.

The Lieut. Governor had his house ransacked by colonists, was forced to resign and flee to Boston for safety.

5,000 colonists went to Worcester and compelled the judges, Sheriff, and other judicial officials to promise not to hold courts enforcing the acts of Parliament.

See for more information.

Can you imagine any so called “conservative” supporting anyone shooting into the home of a government official?  Yet they pretend to be “patriots” who revere the Constitution, the war for Independence and the Founding Fathers.

How about in more recent years?

W. Cleon Skousen, known for his books, The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist, The Making of America, The 5,000 Year Leap and many others spent time as the Chief of police of Salt Lake City, Utah in the late 1950’s until his firing in 1960.

Skousen was told by the Salt Lake City Mayor, J. Bracken Lee, that he was not allowed to go after the illegal activities of certain organizations in the city. Clubs such as the Alta, Ambassador and Elks were off limits for prosecution according to the corrupt mayor.

Skousen refused to follow orders, and as any cop today would be, was fired after busting an illegal gambling operation at which the mayor was in attendance. (See INVASION Vol 2 for more details)

What was the response of Skousen’s supporters you might ask.  Did they “vote the bum out”?  Did they take the mayor to court? Did they write sternly written letters?  No, none of those things!  They responded with filling the city council meetings with screaming irate individuals, they burned a cross on his lawn followed by killing his lawn with salt. (See Utah Historical Quarterly vol 42 no. 4)

Now, were they as bold as our venerated Founding Fathers? Not even close.  Would such actions be condemned by virtually every organization that pretends to support the Founders and study Skousen’s books?  Without a doubt.

We need to either stop pretending to revere the Founders and those that stood up to tyrants, and stop any talk of supporting the efforts of American independence and start a movement to reunification with Great Britain, or we need to stop condemning those that take bold action and start increasing our own boldness in defense of liberty.


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  1. Absolutely! Thank you for this post. I knew Cleon when I was a teenager. He influenced me and my parents to join the church, almost 60 years ago. My son just married his granddaughter. The Skousens are truly great patriots.

  2. I really want to hear what you have to say. I am 86 and my heart is with those that
    are fighting to restore the freedoms that we have here in this wonderful country and trying to save our constitution.
    Dorothy Vadnais

  3. In the Book of Mormon they hunted down the Gadiantons. Today the LDS church gives them tens of millions of dollars, invests in many of their biggest and most wicked corporations, praises them, urges obedience to their tyranny and false science, publishes their lies on KSL News and Deseret News, repeats many of their lies in general conferences, and would punish church members who spoke out against what the church is doing (i.e. being on the wrong side) too strongly. And the church ignores everything the scriptures say about secret combinations, the Gadiantons, the agenda to destroy liberty worldwide, etc. Quite the backward priorities.

    1. could not agree more… Even more heartbreaking is watching family members and friends ignore or are blinded by these atrocities and can’t stand up to the truth of right and wrong , good and evil according to their own scriptures and gospel doctrine.
      I refuse to obey any ” mortal man” that goes against the biblical scriptures and the words of Jesus Christ. We believe the constitution and the bill of rights was a God inspired form of government brought to the people in the last days. Now I watch leaders of the LDS church and other churches deceived and turn against God’s laws . Sad but true.
      The constitution and the church is hanging by a thread people. Wake up.

  4. I first met Dr Skousen personally in Wichita at one making of America event. 1988, I listened to his stories, how he named his book Naked Communist. I’m REALLY surprised as close as a friendship I developed he never mentioned the “firing”, the lawn mop. He tried to keep peace as so many us gullible do. Thank you for resurrecting this and the books INVASION I and II. Documentary is next to watch tonight

    1. Thank you! Let us all know what you think after reading the books and watching the overview presentation

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