The Sprawling Radio Network That China’s Firewall Can’t Stop

A new report from our partners at the Justice For All website covers success people are having in Communist China with a radio network that the Chinese Communists can’t stop!

This is great news for patriots looking for ways to escape the all seeing eye of “Big Brother” in other parts of the world. The report goes into the success they are having in establishing communications networks outside the reach of the tyrannical regime.

The report goes on to show how we can apply this to ourselves,

“Create Your Emergency Communication Plan!

Americans have a few tyrant terrorizers of our own. Fortunately, there are many free resources to teach us how to prepare our own effective radio networks.

For example, Utah Gun Exchange graciously features a free ad to help you prepare an effective “two-way” radio plan that is fast, simple, inexpensive, and flexible. No regime “license” is required, and the potential is impressive.

The truth will destroy the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its many agents in America. We need only tell the truth and work together, and two-way radio can help us do that.”

The Tree of Liberty Society had one of the authors of the above report in one of our member trainings, one of the many benefits of membership in the Tree of Liberty Society. You can become a part of the movement by joining here and you can watch the specific training in the video below.

Read the full Justice For All report here



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