Three Principles We Need To Follow To Be Free



Alan, you’re muted. What’s Alan’s last name? Alan Arthur. Okay. He’s available,
but he’s muted. Maybe he’s not available. Then I’m going to ask, let’s see here,
who will I ask? What’s that? Oh, Moses is telling me to ask Mary. Mary Jane to say the prayer. Mary Jane, would you say the prayer force? Sure. All right.
Our dear heavenly Father, we thank You so much for this day and we thank You so much that we’re able to come and to this training that Ben’s doing and thank You so much for him and his efforts and educating.
us and for all the things that he does and we thank you so much for all of our many blessings and lastly please bless us that we’ll be able to take what’s spoken tonight and that we’ll be able to apply it and learn the things that you need us to learn and help and that we’ll be able to do with the information that you want us to do.
do and need us to do. Help us to be able to build up thy kingdom and that we’ll be able to help bring it about here on this earth and please help us to strive to be the people that you need us to be and we ask and say these things in the name of Jesus Christ,
amen. Amen. Thank you. Mary Jane, what’s your last name? Thompson. Thompson. Thank you. Am I showing up?
You are. I can see you, France. Okay. This is my first time here. Yeah. Thank you so much for joining us. Good to see you. Yeah, I am.
Oh, man, I have just been enjoying the fight so much. Oh, glad to hear it. That’s wonderful. Well welcome I’m sure we’ll have more people join us as time goes on like I mentioned so let’s go ahead and get started.
I’m gonna have Carmen if you’d give us our minutes from last week please. Oh yeah I forgot about that. I shouldn’t have caught you off guard Carmen come on.
I’m sorry I just gotta go get them. (laughs) Then,
there we are. All right, “Treat of Liberty Society.” The minutes for Monday,
November 12th. the 20th. The opening prayer was offered by Ben McClintock. He talked about Friday’s boot camp that was coming up and the book club on December the 6th.
He talked about members only get together that Becky was working on getting the locations, getting that together. Mentioned it can.
a Wolverton, Mr. Wolverton coming out. There is the last dispensation podcast.
They asked Ben to be a permanent co -host. Ben would like to, would appreciate suggestions from the membership here.
as to what subjects to talk about. Jay talked about getting all hands on deck for the journey to Liberty. And Ben Wolverton,
Jay said that Ben Wolverton was giving away a Liberty library. No, Ben said, not Jay, but Ben said that Wolverton was giving away a Liberty library.
To increase the members. of his group. They’re just subscribers, like so it’s like YouTube. It’s not like a membership. You just subscribe so that way you get notifications on YouTube for his YouTube channel.
Okay. Okay. Jay said that if you’re not on the government watch list, you’re not trying hard enough. I think I got that.
Didn’t I? Isn’t that what he said? He asked what we used to say on the radio show and so we mentioned that it used to be, if you’re not already in a government watch list, you should be. You should be.
Okay. All right. Training for that night last Monday, it was the future of federalism.
The conspirators have confession that they’re destroying sovereignty mainly within the trade realm. They’re emerging politically and security measures.
Talked about Robert Pastor from the National Security Council and the CFR. Proof self -conspiracy book,
How to Build North Americans by Stealth in Regional Government. Talked about this. Canamax Highway through Utah, starts in Mexico through Arizona,
Vegas, Utah and Idaho until it gets to the Canadian border. China owns a port in Mexico. The world government is set to destroy borders.
We get to see the big picture. Kansas City City is the first point to check anything. There’s no checks until they get there to Kansas City between arrival at the coast and to Kansas City.
There’s no checks, nothing to stop them. Just a real quick correction on that one. So from the Kansas City, when it was from Mexico, not from the coast. Okay, all right.
My, my mind I had it coming from the coast, so it’s– Mexico through Texas, up through Oklahoma, then Kansas. Okay.
There’s no inspections. There’s only electronic checking until Kansas City. They can stop and drop off anyone and anything before then.
There’s another inland– port in San Francisco, St. George. The one in St. George is for Los Angeles.
Beaver County is for the inland ports, Tallilla and Brigham City. And there’s another one I didn’t get, which one it was. There were six. One, two, three,
four, five. I’ve got five out of the six. We got New City, you got Tallilla, you got Salt Lake, you got Spanish Fork. That’s the one.
Okay. That’s the one I missed, Spanish Fork. Jay talked about the causeway that crosses the Salt Lake, and there’s rumors that the railroad is going to negotiate for another port there.
Ben talked about the digital driver’s license. licenses now available on phones. Pam talked about using this convenience to track people for their nefarious reasons.
Ben got it as a way to increase control over the population. They need to build infrastructure to get everybody on board. State legislator,
the sheriff. sheriff had accessed his DMV records to find where he been, lived and worked. There’s forced app installation,
driver’s license is just only an option in the future. It’s a carrot on the stick.
Big brother definitely is watching. all different parts of the infrastructure while increasing their control by destroying yours. Jace said that in North Oregon they put in the city,
the city partnered with Flock, that’s what I heard, Flock, F -L -O -C -K, as license plates readers and installed them on Washington and Harrison.
Harrison boulevards. Ben likened a lot of the things that are happening now to Gulliver, where all the little tiny people with small strings eventually tied him down and prevented him from moving.
They want to stop single family housing. Washington State is banning single family zoning. Um, Legislation says that Utah legislators say that single family homes are bad for Utah.
Limit family size. They want a total dependence on the system. This is not a game. This is serious business. Ben said he’s put together a list to nullify things.
And we need to support each other in nullification. We need to be bold and proactive. The closing pair. was offered by Alan from Canada. Wonderful.
Thank you so much for that. Does it have any questions or corrections? Okay. Well, then we’ll we’ll let them be official.
Thank you, Carmen. I’m ready. Encourage everyone that just as a as a reminder as usual to if you’ve missed any the previous trainings like some of the things that Carmen talked about,
we have to squish an hour into five minutes, 10 minutes. And so it’s, it’s, it’s good for you to go back and watch old trainings if you haven’t had a chance to.
So a quick report, we had our boot camp number four, let’s see here, four on Friday.
And so on the international conspiracy, seemed like we have maybe some technical difficulties. The sound wasn’t coming through as well as it was supposed to. And so, but on the recording,
it did. So I’m not sure what would happen between the recording and the zoom, but we’ll have the full recording up soon on the website. And then we’ll have it for two weeks.
So the next bootcamp is going to be on December 8th. 8, 7 o ‘clock. It’s a Friday. That’ll be on how the international conspiracy infiltrates local communities.
So encourage you to, if you haven’t seen that before, to come on and invite others and share the, get the word out, help us to get more people to check out the, get the information and learn more about what it is that we’re doing then.
Yeah. You said December 8. Oh, until Friday, we’re going to to okay. We will a good thing. I didn’t advertise that yet. So We will we will figure that out.
So thank you Becky for Reminding me of something I shouldn’t have needed reminding So well, we’ll move forward on that.
We’ll let everybody know with the official date on that one and So if you guys were if you were there and you you experienced the lack, the low sound,
I apologize. We’ll get that fixed moving forward. And see you’re trying to think of something else. What else do I have to announce? We have the book club coming up, not this Wednesday,
but next Wednesday will be section two on the memoirs illustrating the history of Jacobinism. Encourage it even if you haven’t been able to read or listen yet, just to come on and enjoy the book.
conversation. And then I had something interesting happen to me, just it’s on my mind. I thought you guys might find it interesting tonight. About six o ‘clock -ish,
was it? That’s about 6 .6 .30. I’m going outside my house to my car and trying to look for some keys and I get out of my car and all of a sudden I see like a…
a bunch of SWAT team people, these guys in bulletproof vests and they’re eight, not AK -47s, what, AR -15s running down the street.
I’m like, holy cow, what’s going on here? Is there something going on in the neighborhood? And then all of a sudden I realized, no, and something’s not going, something’s going on in the neighborhood, it’s at my house. And the chief investigator comes up to me and says,
“Is this your house?” And I’m like, “Well, what’s going on?” And he asked me again, and I was like, “Well, what’s going on?” I’m not gonna volunteer too much information. And so,
but he just accepts that as admission. And he says that, “We’ve got a search warrant on your house.” I’m like, “What kind of?” I’m thinking in my head, I’m like, “This is for me. What are…” I’m always encouraged.
I’m like, “Okay, where the average person is committing three felonies a day.” And so I try to, you know, be purposeful in my nullification and find, you know, if I’m going to commit three felonies a day anyways, I’m going to do it,
you know, find ones that are worth committing. So I’m like, okay, what, what could it be that I’m getting in trouble for? And, and he’s like, you know, we, we had somebody tell us that you have pipes coming out your window,
you know, like hoses, pipes, what are you talking about? And I’m like, oh, okay. And he’s like, yeah, those are used for marijuana. I’m like, we have a 3D printer.
We have a three, we’re trying to start a 3D printing business for, and so we have the 3D printer running a lot. And so we have a hose to evacuate the chemicals of the melting plastic.
And so somebody, they just assumed that, I guess, the only people that have hoses coming out of their windows is, our people that are growing marijuana in their homes.
And so they just assumed that that’s what we were doing. And so they had a, they delivered, they gave me the warrant and it was, it was, it said it was a no knock warrant. So if I wasn’t outside,
they could have actually just barge down my door because I had a, dared to have a 3D printer in my house. And so you’re, you’re assumed to be guilty. of producing drugs simply because you have hoses coming out of your house.
So it’s pretty crazy. And so, you know, there wasn’t a whole lot I could do. And so I was like, well, I can, hopefully, you know, he sounded like he was more reasonable than maybe some in the past have been.
And so I’m like, you know, you can see the 3D printer. And so I just shown that. And so, so they, you know, they kind of sheepishly go out and, and it kind of dies out pretty quickly after they realized that nothing,
nothing crazy was going on. They patted down my son and scared the scared the pants off some of my little kids and so it was a pretty hair raising experience. Looking for the best deals on home gym equipment this way.
And so I just thought it was, you know, just kind of be just kind of. just shows you how wild the police state is going after people for, you know, 3d printing simply because they have a hose for exhausting,
you know, chemicals or the smell of burning plastic out of the house. So pretty crazy. So that was,
that was an experience that I’m still kind of just trying to process and get through tonight. tonight. So I thought you guys would find that to be interesting Yeah,
really Yeah, actually. Yeah, it sounds fishy. Make sure they didn’t plant something in your house. Yeah, exactly that That was something that somebody else brought up to me as well.
So yeah, we definitely look through and check that stuff out So haven’t seen anything yet, but we’ll see you guys in a minute definitely keep an eye out and keep on that. It’s pretty wild. Alrighty.
Well, anybody have any questions on anything that we’ve gone over? Anything questions about the boot camp or about the book club? Before we get for with the full training night, feel free to either unmute yourself or type in the chat.
– Yeah, I just wanted to make sure I thought it was this Wednesday, – Thank you. for the book club. – Book club is first and third Wednesday of every month. So this is,
it’s not every other Wednesday like the, like the boot camp, it’s just the first and the third. – Okay, yeah, I’m glad I missed by one day, that’s okay. – There you go. – Or one week. – One week,
yeah. – I don’t like missing those things, you know that. – You’re always there, it’s good. Anybody else? What are your location? Do you live?
This happened. So I’m in this was the Utah County Sheriff’s Department. So I’m not in this is a mountain Eagle Mountain. So Eagle Mountain,
Utah or GW. so where others were Would be interesting to also know the judge that approved You want to go grab the warrant?
Like I’m look that up. I’ll we’re gonna look that out Yeah, if anybody else while we’re chatting and wants to type where they’re from they can feel free to Everybody know where you’re at Loretta.
Not sure. Are you are you trying to talk, Loretta? You’re muffled if you are. Okay, let’s go again.
What’s that? Does she want to say it again? Her name is Loretta. Yeah, Loretta Jensen. You’re going to unmute yourself if you had, might have been on accident. It sounded like she maybe was talking to somebody else that was at the house.
So as soon as he brings that back, oh, no, that was fast. He got that. So the judge was Thomas Lowe,
district judge in Utah, in the fourth district court. No, no, no. war. They it says, uh,
with, uh, see here without requirement of knocking and announcing or giving prior notice. So when they came in, they didn’t even have to say who they were with. They could just pound down the door and do whatever they wanted.
So all right, well, let’s go ahead and move forward. Let’s just get into tonight’s, um, tonight’s,
I don’t know, discussion, tonight’s training. So I’m sharing the screen again. So last time the printing was too small, so I’m not going to share like we were before where it’s on the screen the same time as I am,
just so you can see the prints big enough for you to be able to see, whether you’re on your phone or your computer. And so what that means is if you. do, just as a heads up,
if you do type into the chat a question or comment, I won’t really be able to see it. And so if you want to butt in, just unmute yourself and ask a question or make a statement or whatever, feel free to do that or realize that if you put it into the chat,
I’ll just have to address it afterwards. So just a heads up. So there are three principles that we’re talked about. So you have the book, the Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville,
who was a French writer, and he wrote the book Democracy in America. And in the book, he laid out some things that what made America different?
Why were these people that were all from, you know, for the most part from Europe? How were they able to accomplish the things that they’ve accomplished? So I’ve talked about this before in trainings and some of the boot camps,
but I wanted to go go into more detail in this. I think it’s really important because it’s something that this aspect of it, especially, is something that “liberty organizations” kind of try to shy away from.
They say that you don’t want to talk about religion and politics, and so freedom organizations, we’ll talk about politics, but most of the time they won’t talk about religion, but we need to talk about that. In the book,
he says that every citizen receives the elementary notion that you don’t want to talk about religion, and that you don’t want to talk about human knowledge. He is moreover taught the doctrines and the evidences of his religion, the history of his country,
and the leading features of its Constitution. In the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts, it is extremely rare to find a man imperfectly acquainted with all of these things.
And the person wholly ignorant of them is a sort of phenomenon. So I think it’s really interesting. that it was Connecticut and Massachusetts specifically that you found people that it was like it was crazy rare that people didn’t understand these things,
that the evidences and doctrines of the religion, the history of their country, and the leading features because of the Constitution, because it was Massachusetts really that was leading the way in the war for independence.
They were the ones that that were just pushing everybody along. It was in Massachusetts that Samuel Adams started the first committees of correspondence and committees of safety, and it just really blossomed and sprung out from there.
And so under that leadership, and we really can see here why that was, it makes a lot of sense, because they were the ones that had these principles more so than in the…
colonies, or the 13 colonies, 13 states, had that as a general rule. But in those two, it was rare.
Like where you, you know, other places, you had a good chunk of the people that had a good knowledge on that. But in those places, it was like, not only is there a good chunk that have that knowledge, but it’s like rare to find anybody that doesn’t have that.
And so that was really important. important for that to be able to establish a people that were able to be able to have the blessings of heaven because of the way that they were behaving in their personal lives and in public And because they were they understood these principles that they knew what was right and that it wasn’t just their duty Just to sit back and watch things happen But but they understood the history
of what led to their independence and you know, what were the factors in the Constitution that were there to preserve their freedoms and what were the limitations on government and so it really helped them to understand those things and so we see here that it was the three principles that they understood in depth with the doctrines and the evidences of their religion,
the history of their country and the leading features of its constitutions. of its constitution. And so we can see this as a general rule in society today that we’re at the exact opposite,
right? You find very few people that know the doctrines and evidences of the religion. You find almost nobody that knows the history of their country and almost nobody,
even in the quote -unquote liberty movement, that know the leading features of the US Constitution, the key points and principles of the Constitution. And so we can see why we’re on this dichotomy where they were able to have freedom.
And then today we see freedom going away because when they had this, they had freedom. And when now that we’re losing this, we can see that we’re starting to lose freedom. But there are a lot of people do talk about the history.
And there are lots of books out there. And there are lots of people that will do like we do with courses on the Constitution. I believe that my ours is very different and provides more details that you don’t have elsewhere,
but I digress. I think that’s something that is missing even more than real history because we see in the government schools how history especially is being manipulated,
but also in the population at large and even amongst people pretending to be liberty minded, they’re giving out false history. And you take some of these other organizations,
constitution classes, and they’re promoting these ideas of actually big government under the guise of small government. And so, but they are talking about it, I guess is the point.
You don’t see people mixing them all together. The people that are talking about freedom in the constitution history. history, they don’t want to Marginalize they don’t want to kind of distance people that would be on their side because you’re going to be talking about religion It might not be their religion or they might not have a religion at all And so they’re just going to stay away from the the the religious aspect
of it as Because they don’t want to kind of muddy that you know, they don’t want to get into that That sticky situation that can really because it’s in a you know, you gets people get even more emotional about religion than,
than other topics. And so they, they leave it alone. And so what I want to do tonight, because we have focused a lot on the history is, is talk about that aspect is the doctrines and the evidences of religion. Because, yeah,
we see that not only is the history of the country and the constitution being manipulated, but so is in just the same way, and by the same organizations,
the same people, the principles behind the doctrines and evidences of religion are being twisted and manipulated to get us to go along and say, “Oh, your religion says you need to obey the government no matter what.” “Oh,
you need to be a good global citizen.” “Oh, you need these different things to use religion to get people to go along with tyranny.” And so I think it’s important for us to discuss this.
You know, we’re going to get… we’re going to focus on this one today. And so, even though we are getting into religion, you know, I’m not your bishop, I’m not your clergy,
your priest, I’m not your rabbi, and I’m not your Imam, right? I’m not your religious leader. I’m not trying to be, I’m not pretending to be. But it’s something that we need to talk about. It’s something that’s important.
We need to understand, understand the doctrines of religion as a key. point to being a people that can really start to restore lost liberty. And so if we understand and we apply the doctrines,
what do we get out of it? What is the result of that? It’s going to be a lot harder to fool us. It’s going to be our actions are going to be according to eternal principles. And then conspirators will lose power over you.
That’s part of the conspiracy mentioned in Ether chapter 8 about how Ether warns us in our day. He says that I have to command to tell you about this conspiracy that evil may be done away and that Satan will lose,
you know, will not have power over the hearts of man. And so if we understand the conspiracy is a part of, I would say everybody’s,
if you’re a Christian, if you believe in Christ, then that is a part of your religion. religion. And so we need to understand that aspect of it as well. And the more that we understand our religion,
the more that we’ll understand how the conspiracy is manipulating religion to get us to adopt and accept his program. And it’ll give us the power to be free.
You talked about this before as well of how it was following correct eternal principles, having living a life that allows you to have the spirit, has allowed previous civilizations to be able to have power over their enemy.
When the enemy would use armies against, you know, the people of God, they would have the power to be able to destroy their enemies. And so we need to really understand. We need to be as focused on this aspect of it as any of the other aspects that we’ve focused on.
And we look at how this manipulation of doctrines has been going on and has been prophesied since ancient times. You look in the Old Testament, the prophet Isaiah says the earth is also defiled under the inhabitants thereof because they have transgressed the laws,
changed the ordinance, and broken the everlasting covenant. And so he’s explaining what happens when you do these things that there are no doctrines. a natural consequence. And so there are people though,
these warning that are working to do those things, to get people to transgress the laws that they know, or to get them to not know about those laws, to change ordinances so that people aren’t doing the things that they’re supposed to,
and then breaking those covenants that they’ve made. And then we see here during the Savior’s time when He went to go speak to the, you know, the the would come up to him and try to trip him up and he’d preach.
And the Savior said that these scribes and the Pharisees, they sit in Moses’ seat. So they claim to be in a position to be that Moses had, the continuation of Moses to the Pharisees day.
The Savior said that they sat in his seat, meaning that they were the religious leaders of the day. But then he said to those people that sit in Moses’ seat that year of your father the devil and the lust of your father will ye will do.
He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him and when he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own for he is a liar and the father of it.
And so that’s Satan uses lies, not the truth. only with, you know, regarding the conspiracy in government and academia and business, but of course in religion,
because he there’s no truth in him. And so he uses these people in Moses’s seat in the time of Jesus to be able to spread these lies. And then we have after the death of Christ,
we have Justin the martyr, who wrote in dialogue with trifle. He says, says, “I wish you to observe that they, the Jews, have altered, taken away many scriptures from the translations.” And so he’s telling the people that there’s a conspiracy that has taken away or changed things in the translations.
And so that way now we’re uninformed. They’re taking away that information from us and so now we’re ignorant and so we’re acting in ignorance. And so that’s a key thing that they were warning about,
continuing on after the death of the Savior. And these are books referred to, but not actually in the Bible. So the Bible refers to these books. All of these books and more are referred to in the Bible as we have it today,
but is not found in the Bible. So we can see there are tons of different scriptures that have not only been mistranslated, mistranslated, but have been completely and utterly removed from the scriptures.
And so, you know, it’s one thing to lie or to twist something that we have in the scriptures in front of us. But what’s something that the conspiracy has done is they have removed books of scripture to make it,
you know, when you remove knowledge from people, now they’re acting on less information. So that it’s easier for you to fool them because these important teachings are no longer available to them to be able to learn from.
And so then we see a few hundred years later, we have another early Christian saying, “So it was that they laid hands unblushingly on the Holy Scriptures claiming to have corrected them.” So that’s getting into the translation.
So they would claim to be correcting the error. in the scriptures, and what they were doing was they were changing what was in them. And I was going to add an example of that where we have in the J,
but I, let’s skip my mind, I was focused on some other things. I’ll bring it off, I’ll bring it up right now, as I’m thinking about it. It’s the exact chapter but it’s in Hebrew and it’s like it’s one of those ones that’s like blatantly obviously they they they change the meaning of it.
And let’s see here. Okay,
it’s Hebrews chapter six, and it says. says, verse one, it says, “Therefore, leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ,
let us go on unto perfection.” So this translation that you see this as warning about is saying that you have to leave the doctrines of Christ to go on to perfection,
which is obviously false. And so, people, but if you’re reading that, you can, and you’re not getting the big picture. you’re going to say, oh my goodness. And so that’s just one example.
But there are obviously other examples that these guys knew about that were being changed to get people to not understand the truth and that we find in the scriptures.
And so now we go to modern day. We have Bella Dodd, who’s a former communist that exposed what they were doing. within the churches. So I want to share this video with you.
Bella Dodd, a ranking official in the American Communist Party, who had been raised a Catholic, returned to the church church with the support of Bishop Fulton Sheen.
She gave congressional testimony on the party’s subversion of the Catholic Church. She declared, “In the 1930s we put 1 ,100 men into the priesthood in order to destroy the church from within.
Right now they are in the highest places in the church.” In a lecture at Fordham University, Dodd said, then fly ascended for the dinner given by Alexander Sassenberg,
who is no socialist, legislative leader, engineer, who’s head of being, publishing firm for the Congress. And ascending meetings, Sassenberg wrote a little speech.
He said, “When we get ready to take, nice things. We will not take you under the label of Congress. We will not take you under the label of socialism.
These labels are on presidency now.” American people and have been speared so much. We will take the United States under labels which we have made very lovable. We’ll take it under liberalism,
under progressivism, under democracy. But take it we will. So you can see here that,
you know, we see into the 20th century that the conspiracy was using religion to in, they were infiltrating religions to get them to,
of course, change and to accept and adopt things that were obviously wrong. This is another Catholic priest, Father Francis Finton, who wrote an article called communism freemasonry and the true mass back in 1984.
And he talked about the infiltration. of churches as well. So he said, “Yet because of the nature of the church and knowing it to have been for so long, the greatest bastion in the world against communism,
I just knew though all else might fall victim to it, the Roman Catholic church would stand firm and impregnable.” So he’s, you know, as a Catholic priest, right? He’s like,
okay, you know, he believes that Catholicism is good. And he felt that they were… were standing against communism. And so that he felt that, of course, you know, they are,
they are preachers of Christ. And so they’re going to oppose communism. That was his, he felt that that, and I think we see that today, not only in, you know, where, where we see in politics where,
oh, that guy is a Republican. He would never, you know, turn us away from our freedoms or that guy talks about the founding fathers. He’s, of course, a good guy. And so we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re
going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we’re
going to, we’re going to, we’re going to, we fall for people that are bulls and sheeps clothing because they put forth a message out there that sounds good,
right? That’s why the Savior said to judge them by their works, not by their words, by their works you shall know them. But we see this all the time in religion and in government,
where we trust people people that we think they’re gonna do the right thing But he says he corrects himself that he realized what what he said was wrong. He says how wrong I was Although as I later learned the Reds were in the woodwork of the church long before the Vatican Council to The first unquestionable proof to me that communism must have deeply infiltrated the church Was the fact that council never once
condemned communism throughout the the four years of its deliberations. So he saw firsthand that, yeah, his church was infiltrated and that communists were working to take control of that church.
And so we see, you know, communism and its influence elsewhere as well. So understanding the doctrines of your religion. In the Doctrine and Covenants we read, there is is a law Irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world upon which all Blessings are predicated and when we obtain any blessing from God it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated Okay So we have to understand that why
it’s so important to Satan because this is really what the conspiracy boils down to to as Satan versus Christ, is to get us to not know the law.
If you don’t know the law, you can’t obey the law. And so no person can consciously obey a law unless he knows what that law is.
Thus the ability to attain any goal is impossible without a knowledge of the pertinent facts and laws. If we don’t know the law, we can’t obey the law. bases his actions upon false information and principles,
his failure is certain and his efforts rendered futile and the exercise of freedom is frustrated. The effect of perverting the truth hinders or prevents compliance with God’s law and destroys agency.
The information is flawed or manipulated or removed. Your agency is flawed or manipulated. is removed because you can’t act with knowledge. You have to know what blessing is predicated,
or what law a blessing is predicated. You have to know the law to be able to act upon that law and receive the blessing that it’s predicated upon. And so that’s why they’re focusing on this so much,
and we see that. And so what’s the response to exposure by them? I don’t know why my… transitions didn’t work, but we see here what it was when Abenadai,
but when King Noah was exposed for his crimes and what the leaders, his counsel, what did they respond when Abenadai called them out for it?
They said, “And now, oh, King, what great evil hast thou done? Or what great sins have thy people committed that we should be condemned of?” of God, or judged of this man? And now,
O King, behold, we are guiltless, and thou, O King, has not sinned. Therefore, this man has lied concerning you, and he has prophesied in vain. And behold, we are strong.
We shall not come into bondage, or be taken captive by our enemies. Yea, and thou hast prospered in the land, and thou shalt prosper also. So you’re going to continue to be wealthy. We haven’t done any of that.
wrong. This guy’s lying, of course, you know, how could we’re prospering? Of course we’re doing what’s right ’cause we’re receiving the blessings of prosperity. The prosperity gospel that’s out there so much now today we see.
And so of course, you know, you haven’t done anything evil. You haven’t, the people haven’t been evil. And so they prop themselves up and they dismiss the charges against them and they give evidences to show,
you know, they would say would show why the accusations against them are wrong. But then Abinadi says, “Under them, I know if you keep the commandments of God, ye shall be saved.
Ye, if ye keep the commandments, which the Lord delivered unto Moses in the Mount of Sinai.” Now Abinadi said unto them, “Have ye done all this? I say unto you, Nay, you have not.
You have not kept the law. And have ye taught this people?” people that they should do all these things? I say unto you, nay, you have not. And so he corrects them. He says, no, not only are you not obeying these things,
but you’re not even teaching these things. And so there we see throughout history again, another example of when the conspiracy, the corrupt in government and religion corrupt the people by taking away their knowledge.
That Alexis to Tocqueville in the beginning. beginning said was so important that knowledge in religious principles in the doctrines over the religion right King Noah. Did not as the teacher as as not only the king of the of the people but also their religious leader did not teach them.
These laws. And they he taught them lies and that they were being righteous even when they were not because they weren’t being taught the law. And so they were not able to be free because they did not know the doctrines and evidences of their religion.
So what is the result of not knowing and understanding the doctrines of your religion? The Word of God includes blessings and cursings. If you do X, then Y will happen. Right? If I throw a ball up,
it’s going to fall down. If this, then that. Nothing is just automatic. Just because you’re claiming to be in Moses’ seat doesn’t mean you’re automatically teaching and doing the right thing.
We have an example here with Marion G Romney explaining if X then Y, okay? He says, you must remember that back and behind this whole propaganda of pensions, gratitudes and doles.
Okay, so pensions, social security, your duties and doles, those are like welfare. welfare programs, Medicare, those types of things, to which we are now being subjected is the idea of setting up in America a socialistic or communist state in which the family would disappear,
religion would be prescribed and controlled by the state, and we should all become mere creatures of the state ruled over by ambitious and designing men.
So he gives it if this right, this is what the if if you do this, then this will happen. Okay, that’s the result of it. And welfare principles, they don’t change, they will not change,
they are revealed truths. So that principle of the if this, then that it’s can’t change. But then we see that the teachings of it, where they’re saying that you shouldn’t go to government,
that’s because what government leads to. to, they’re saying here that government welfare agents should be contacted if the church is unable to give us the things that we want.
Individuals, members may decide to receive assistance from government. And so now it’s open instead of saying that these theories don’t change what the consequences are, they’re saying now what’s if X then Y,
if you go to government, or if the government becomes the welfare provides you with social security provides you with You know food stamps provides you with the welfare the family will disappear.
That’s the consequence Religion would be prescribed and controlled by the state And we should all become mere creatures of the state ruled over by ambitious and designing men.
That is the natural consequence So when we think of you know welfare, that’s just theft and that leads to high taxes, that leads to inflation,
those types of things. No, welfare leads to control not only over the people that are dependent upon welfare, but it leads to government control of religion and the destruction of the family.
And so what are we, what are we doing to build our understanding? of the doctrines and the evidences of your religion, of the history of your country,
and the leading features of our Constitution? We need to make sure that these are the things that we are focusing on and that we’re trying to understand, seeing where they’ve, just like we look in,
you know, what government schools are doing or what, you know, the government’s doing to change the understanding of the Constitution. Constitution and the limitations on government. What is the conspiracy doing to change our understanding of the doctrines and evidences of our religion?
And so there was a lot more that I wanted. It’s always hard to know and judge. There was a lot more I wanted to get into. I guess we could have had time to get into some of those things, but I didn’t prepare maybe in the future when we broach it.
this topic again because it’s something that I think it’s important for us to bring up regularly. We’ll get into it in more detail and maybe we can open it up right now to discussion.
Any questions or thoughts as we went through this? So just kind of open it, it’s not open form yet, but open it to thoughts or just or questions on the the principles that we’ve covered tonight.
So any thoughts or questions? Okay,
I guess okay. We don’t have anything you can unmute or you can put the thoughts or questions in the chat It’s always interesting to you know, if we don’t have any discussion. It’s you know Hopefully we’re you know,
it’s something maybe new for us to consider some things that we’re soaking in and thinking about I Have a question for you. Yeah, go ahead. Something came out today in the desert news That the church has signed on to the LDS Church has signed on to Agenda 2030.
They openly admitted it. And it was in the Deseret News on the Church news site. And I’m wondering, have you looked at that? And if you have, what are your thoughts? – So I know that there have been several individuals that have talked about it like in general conference and they’ve been to Agenda 2030 conferences themselves.
– I can send you a link. – But send me the link. Yeah, let me know about that. ‘Cause I haven’t seen the link for today. I just know that it’s been mentioned and endorsed and talked about in conference. That’s all. – Yeah, I’ll send it to you right now.
– Okay, thank you. – And see what your thoughts are on it. – Yeah. – I’ve been dwelling on it all day. It came in about seven o ‘clock this morning. – Oh, thank you. – Mm -hmm.
Yeah, shoot that off. Yeah, I’ll shoot. To go along with what Bobby just said,
they talked about or I know in the news this past week that talked about the church buying into a lot of the zeroescaping and stuff for new chapels coming online.
online you know the artificial scarcity of water and things of that nature it’s just it drives your nuts yeah it does mean us too you know we don’t have any of our cities at least where I live there’s no cities slowing down on issuing building permits but they keep saying that we’ve got a few more with less and and and and constant and it’s like,
well, if you’re issuing building permits, I guess they’re still enough. (indistinct chatter) – Yep. (indistinct chatter) – I’m not sure.
(indistinct chatter) – Are you there? Do you have your background noise on or do you have, did you want to share with us? (indistinct chatter) (indistinct chatter) forever after.
All right. We’ll just– please unmute if you’ve got something to share, but it looks like you got background noise on. So I’m just going to mute you until you’re ready to share. We pick on religion because we felt like we’d been lied to in some of the religion.
But one of the– the biggest deceivers is our educational system tells our kids how much smarter they are than their parents were.
And they have no knowledge of the gospel, no knowledge of Christ, no knowledge of the Constitution. And these are the kids that are coming up and bringing it to life.
now And and they don’t even have enough experience to even know how wicked Communism and socialism is and they think it’s fantastic to tell everyone their Socialists and communists and and and they know the right way to go when they don’t have enough to Function in the world without their parents help,
right? It’s not just, you know, I hope,
you know, that the point wasn’t that hopefully it wasn’t to just kind of just pick on religion because it’s, I think it’s a key point those three things that Tocqueville brought out were important things and all of those things need to be something that was important.
all understand better. And I think, you know, showing how they’ve been manipulated in that way, because it’s so obvious how those other parts have been manipulated.
But a lot of times, just like with Father Fenton, with himself and his own church, you know, he didn’t, he’s like, there’s no way my church would be in that situation. And so we need to be just kind of understanding how how our own religions or you know or how maybe not our own religions maybe a more broad sense of just how religion itself the conspiracy infiltrates just like Dodd talked about with the Catholic
church being infiltrated and how they’re infiltrated to be able to get them to accept and to change things in the ways that the scriptures talk about as well. I just want just a quick little thing here I’m looking it up and suddenly everything on that news part has been scrubbed every even from desert news,
it was scrubbed. – Hmm, we’ll just do some things and see if we can find it in the Wayback machine, maybe. – Yeah, I’ll look for it. It might be in my awesome studio though. – Okay. Yeah,
Becky, go ahead. – No, I was saying we should pick on religion because I think that’s where the basis of all our beliefs come from. – Yeah, we can’t just leave alone for sure.
Yep Yeah, they are kind of it’s the fountain of kind of the foundations of where we go from and you know Where we base our ideas on government and and whatnot.
So yeah, it’s important Well,
if no more comments on this, we’ll go ahead and close the official meeting and we’ll have a closing prayer and then we’ll stay on anybody wants to take off. That’s fine. Want to stay on. We’ll have an open forum where you guys can talk about all the crazy stuff you want to bring up any topic,
ask any questions. So let’s go close the prayer and I’m going to Alan, I asked you to give the opening prayer, but you want to. hopefully are you available now Alan how on Arthur just a second I’m having trouble getting my mute to come off well you’re not muted now so you’re good I’m good now okay thank you our Father in heaven we’re indeed thankful for the May blessings that was given us we’re thankful for the
opportunity to meet tonight and learn more about the conspiracy and learn that studying religion and studying about the and will ensure our freedoms.
We ask for thy blessings to be upon us and the Holy Ghost to guide us in all the time and say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Amen. Thank you. Amen.


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