Utah Governor – The Naked Globalist

Earlier this month Spencer Cox got high praises from the corporate media and influential globalists in his state for quoting globalist Francis Fukuyama saying the only reason you resist the government today is because you’re bored. Fukuyama is a particularly dangerous kind of globalist as a self proclaimed early leader in what is called the Neo Conservative, or Neo Con, movement. Neoconservative: Changing American Politics is a great video explaining what makes this brand of “conservatism” so dangerous. When Cox and his ilk call themselves conservatives, this is what they mean.

Check out the full report below and please share.


You can get the book, Killing No Murder, mentioned in this episode here on our website.


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  1. Thanks for this, Ben. Cox is such a lousy actor. Politicians are almost all paid actors of course, paid to lie for Satan’s agenda, but Cox is less skilled and a more obvious fraud than most, very unconvincing. Especially as globalists all over gush over whatever the latest idiotic thing is that he’s lied about.

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