Being a “good global citizen” is a term becoming more and more widely used (see here, here & here). What does it mean and what are its origins?



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5 Responses

  1. We must identify these people, starting with Schwab, Soros and that psychopath Noah Harari and along with the WHO and the UN must be annihilated and eliminated. All of the WEF, Tri-Lateral Commission, Atlantic Council, CFR, etc must be rooted out and destroyed. Anyone who believes in Agenda 2030 must be prosecuted and imprisoned. Whales are dying and bracing themselves in New Jersey by the off shore wind farms that they “claim “ are environmentally friendly!!

    1. Boy fo I agree with your statement. A great challenge comes trying to convince 16 million members of the LDS Church.
      All of these organizations are embraced and supported by the tithes. Every evil arm of these evil corrupt INSTITUTIONS contain participants and members who lead the ” Saints of Zion, members of the ” Only True Church On Earth”.
      Raise your hand if you did not have that pounded into your head every day of your life.
      How is it possible!
      Sharon Eubank refers to the Pope as his Holiness and vocally supports and praises agenda 30 along with Elder Christopherson.
      Agenda 21 was slipped into agenda 30. How could they possibly have any knowledge of what those agendas say and intend to accomplish? I might be off one population area, but Utah is allow 2 or 3 population zones in our state boundaries. Those zones will be home to 10,000 inhabitants. Families will be housed in a room 10’x21′. You will not be allow in any wilderness or mountain areas. The restrictions go on and on.
      What happens with the birth rate in these zones? If there is a birth, there has to be a death. Remember “Hunger Games”. The tell us everything they intend to do.

      We have Elder Bednar busy with the World Economic Forum. Smashing plates on Mt. Sinai. The Climate Forgiveness Conference in Davos, Switzerland. Geneva houses the second United Nations which is just like New York. The LDS Church has a seat along with the Catholic Church. Members of the Apostles have in the past been and some are now, members of the Council of Foreign Relations.

  2. On the issue of LDS leadership from bottom to top area’s. Was it not prophesied that in the latter days, even Gods Elect will be fooled by the devices of the adversary, deceived, in many ways. for the cloak of intel is frosting to the world cake, but underneath it is a cake made of dung and living darkness.
    As we saw with the Weaponized Covid 19 chemical warfare on humanity, many got the injections, after the leadership said they trust the government, trust CDC FDA etc. and so should we.
    Those of the old school of medical society in positions of leadership, may blindly trust those offices, etc. but what was once do no harm, has become do all harm.
    Could they be fooled / deception as prophesied?
    I know the LDS Church is Truth, etc. A witness of these things.
    But the humans in the faith, from bottom to top, are but human, and can be deceived if done well, Lucifer knows those paths and ways.
    Family, friends got the injections having Faith in the Church leadership, and God.
    Even with my warnings, of reality, truth. They feel, doing what was suggested by the leadership, having faith God will protect them.
    A few have almost died, priesthood blessings, prayer, miracles are why some have survived.
    Also prophesied, that the plaques, which were to come in our times, Faith, Prayer, Blessings, Priesthood power were how they would be controlled, kept at bay.
    All homes is seemed had at least 1 person infected with the blight’s.

    I shall leave it up to God to judge, he controls the Church as its head, and yet he allows the choices of humans to take place, for the Reasons are his own.
    I continue to warn, and suggest someone with the education design ways to destroy the injection virus’ or tech that grows the blood clots, and other deadly things, not side effects, for they were intended to do harm.
    Remember, humans are weak, make mistakes, let God deal with those he needs to in his own way and time. For it will be done, Justice will happen by God’s hand.

    For personal insight, continue to read the scriptures, pray, fast, grow in faith in God, and support all you know to be good in your faith, and the few good in government positions.
    In the end Light and Truth wins, my question is how do we get there from where we are now, through the tribulations now upon us, and in near future, the dark times.
    surviving the cashless controlled society is a huge concern.
    for only a community off the grid of economics of the world, may have a chance to survive. outside of armed rebellions upon the Globalist Empiric’s.
    We of little worldly means, will suffer the most, as usual. but the path is still in the fog, and i have yet to see the best light to guide.
    time will tell.

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