What Is A Tyrant? Are We Living Under A Tyranny?

Too often in political discourse individuals will engage in ad hominem attacks, resorting to name calling anyone that disagrees with their point of view. They’ll call someone a Nazi, homophobic, misogynist,  etc. as a way to silence debate.

However, to build understanding, name calling cannot be a part of the discussion.

One word that is often used, but seen as hyperbole because it’s dictionary definition is so broad as to border on ambiguous is “Tyrant”.  In today’s political climate though, it’s vital to know what words mean so as to use them appropriately and not be dismissed as simply engaging in ad hominiem attacks on those we disagree with.

The Founders did not call King George a tyrant hyperbolicly. They understood its meaning. One book written in the 1600’s clearly defined tyrant and was read by our Founding generation. Killing No Murder not only lays out what a tyrant is, but what a moral Christian responds to such an individual and the consequences for failing to act in such a Christian manner.

Please watch and share our report below where I give a quick overview of these principles. You can buy your copy of Killing No Murder in our shop.




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