Why Political Solutions Don’t Work

The Pilgrims, American colonists and settlers of the Mountain west, all understood the principles of establishing liberty when ruled by tyrants. These principles have been lost over the last 150+ years to suck us into a hamster wheel of endless and fruitless action that only gives the elite more power.

Traditional political solutions such as voting, running for office, petitions, etc. don’t work, and have never worked to restore lost liberty for the simple reason that depending on them says they are the origin of your rights, and if you just beg enough, your would be master will be nice enough to grant you the liberty you desire.

This is the mindset of a slave. You are a child of God and as such have been given your rights from your creator. We must adopt this mindset if we are to have a chance at restoring lost liberty. Listen to this presentation for additional information on what works, what doesn’t and what actions we must take to avoid the hell on earth being prepared by these would be tyrants.

Before the Colonists signed the Declaration of Independence, they understood they were at war, though undeclared. Daniel Webster proclaimed John Adams sentiment in promoting said declaration,

“If we postpone independence, do we mean to carry on, or to give up, the war? Do we mean to submit to the measures of Parliament, Boston Port Bill and all?
Do we mean to submit, and consent that we ourselves shall be ground to powder, and our country and its rights trodden down in the dust?
The war, then, must go on. We must fight it through. And if the war must go on, why put off longer the Declaration of Independence? That measure will strengthen us.
It is my living sentiment, and by the blessing of God it shall be my dying sentiment, Independence, now, and INDEPENDENCE FOREVER.” (Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations, Oxford University Press, pg. 274)

Do we understand that we have been declared war on, or are we still begging for our rights from those they did not originate with?

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  1. Still waiting for the day that conservatives fight back with the guns that they claim are for that very purpose.

    Latter-day Saints can’t claim to believe the Founding Fathers were inspired and righteous, but we can’t do anything but obey an even worse government than what they revolted against.

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