12th Article of Faith DOES NOT Mean Obey The Government

Question: Do “good” Christians and latter-day saints believe in obeying all things government call “laws”, mandates, edicts, etc.?

Because of Romans chapter 13, some Christian sects have been taught for centuries that the Bible teaches us to obey the government no matter what Culturally, some latter-day saints have also taught that the 12th article of faith means we are to obey the government no matter what.

But, is this how early Christian’s applied the Bible? Is this how the author of the Articles of Faith applied these words?

Does this mean Daniel was wicked and the King Nebuchadnezzar justified in throwing Daniel in the Lion’s den? Were the American Founding Fathers wicked for not subjecting themselves to the King George? Were early Latter-day Saints suffering the just consequences for their refusal to submit to the laws of the united States, including the Missouri extermination order? Should Alexander Doniphan have executed Joseph Smith?

Dr. Joe Wolverton explains, in the video below, the true meaning of law and a latter-day saints position with unjust laws.

This is a great video to share with those saying we must obey vaccine, mask or other government mandates that violate an individuals conscience.



Podcast version:


What about Romans 13?

Romans 13 And Obedience To Government


Learn more about nullification at the link below:



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  1. Thank you, fantastic and very timely.

    For Latter-day Saints, they should read what’s said in the Doctrine & Covenants about the very narrow limits by which government must operate in order to not be counted as “evil,” and this basically means that the vast majority of what they currently do is definitely evil.

    This gives context to the idea that we’re to obey the law. We’re to obey good laws, not evil ones.

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