Amazon Bans INVASION & Tree of Liberty Society!

This is a badge of honor that such an evil company that has been banning free speech for years would ban us, but it’s always a shock when it happens to you.

This past week Amazon, without notice or chance for appeal banned INVASION: How the Conspiracy Has Infiltrated Your Community, without notice. I discovered it when I looked in our account and noticed it had been blocked. I sent an email appealing their action which was followed up with several days later a notice that our entire account had been banned stating they could not tell us why!

I went with Amazon as an option that would be able to reach more people, that was a mistake. I should have stuck to correct principle and not worked with a company promoting such evil.

Clearly they don’t like what we are exposing in INVASION, which means we need to do even more to get the book out!

We have the book being printed by an independent liberty loving company now and are exclusively selling the book through our website. This means I need YOUR help to get the word out. Please share the link with all of your lists and on all of your social media outlets and let them know we are being silenced!  Visitors to the website can download the PDF for free, or, help support the cause and increase people’s chances of reading the books contents by getting out hard copies far and wide. For example, I’ve given copies to my the leaders of my local religious congregation for example, as well as my families health practitioner, my family dentist, chiropractor, and others I think would benefit.  You can buy hard or paperback copies here

Please, don’t let the enemies of liberty silence this book!

Make sure you are getting our content even as big tech tries to shut down free speech by texting LIBERTY to 833-659-2267

Also, if you’re not already a member, would you prayerfully consider joining today?  In addition to the benefits to membership, you would be providing ongoing support for independent research and journalism that gets to the heart of the issue, exposing conspirators at every level, something you wont get anywhere else. If membership isn’t for you, please consider a one time donation to support our efforts here

God bless you in your efforts to defend Christs cause of agency.

Ben McClintock


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for all the work you’ve done Ben. I truly believe you’ve completed the necessary steps to bring us knowledge and information that will help our people see the light.
    I am grateful for the diligent efforts you’ve put forth on all of those who yearn to search for truth and stay informed of ongoing truth.
    May God continue to bless you in your courageous efforts in saving our Liberty !

  2. Thank you, Ben. There is no one like you exposing the evil. My hubby and I are naturalized dual citizens (1984) of US & Canada; so never heard about Utah being invaded. I felt that when we moved to Utah 1978. Since then i kerp saying to myself – who are these peopl pushing agendas not in harmong with freedom and peace. It is blaring to see and saddening to watch. Dwindling down to LDS policy on va^x and now BYU and the drag queens … we are appalled … how much deeper to fall – CRA, satan worship .. ?? Thank you again Ben ….

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