Are Parents REALLY Banning Books?

Corporate media shills have been accusing parents of book banning, eliciting images of book burning. Is this fair, or even remotely accurate? Check out our report.




The Salt Lake Tribune recently published a propaganda piece entitled, “We looked at banned books in Utah’s biggest school districts. What we found might surprise you.”

It said,

“One book was a finalist for the prestigious National Book Award. One topped a nationwide list for “Best Fiction for Young Adults.” Another has sold three million copies and been adapted into a popular Netflix series.

Across them, 262 books were removed between the law passing last year and school starting this fall. One of the top banned titles, “What Girls Are Made of,” was taken out of six of the districts.”

That’s about 20% of the books with objections made against it having action taken.

What Girls are made of is an extremely sexually graphic book about a 14-year-old girl that gets an abortion at the age of 16 where her abortionist tells her that she thanks a God she doesn’t believe in she is grateful she was able to kill two of her own children in the same way. The book is extremely abusive towards Christians and what they believe, promoting atheism throughout.

And the Trib finds it offensive that this would be something a library whose sole client base is children? That says more about the Trib than anyone supposedly banning books.

The irony is that outlets like the Trib want big tech to do more to ban content they don’t like (see here & here). In a Reuters report titled, “Big tech not doing enough to remove fake news”, it was stated that around the same percentage of so called “fake news” was banned by the big tech companies.

So, those that want kids to see pornography in school are upset that the same amount of books have been removed as information banned by big tech?

It illustrates perfectly that they are not worried about “banning” information, they just want to be the ones to control it, NOT the parents of impressionable youth.

Also, there is a huge difference in not carrying a book and banning access to information.

Not showing kids porn as well as not carrying literature in a location with limited space is a far cry from banning books. My books are not in any school district, does that mean they banned them?  Whereas Amazon literally said you cannot buy my book from them, while they carry books on grooming children for sexual abuse while banning books exposing the conspiracy all while having virtually unlimited space to sell such products. Similarly, big tech companies like Facebook, Instagram & google have virtually unlimited space yet, they are banning what you are and are not allowed to see.

THAT is book banning. What the Tribune and their ilk want is to control you through what information you can and cannot have and what books your children do or do not have access to. Like all authoritarians, the Tribune is accusing others of what they themselves are doing.

So what is the solution?  Spend your time endlessly fighting what Babylon puts into its vast libraries?

Parents must take that time instead and ensure they are the final arbiters of what is and is not appropriate for their children. Find a private school or co-op that fits your values or homeschool.

To some extent, if we send our kids to Babylon, we should not be shocked to learn that they’ve become Babylonians.
There are still hundreds of books that would be allowed under statute that are satanic in their very nature.

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I am Ben McClintock for the Tree of Liberty Society. I will see you soon.



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