Congresswoman: America Needs a Divorce

Dr. Joe Wolverton, author of What Degree of Madness, The Founders Recipe & The Real James Madison, joins us to discuss congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s statement that America needs a national divorce. What did the Founders say?  How does it compare to modern political responses?


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3 Responses

  1. The author (a socialist) of the Pledge of Allegiance obviously didn’t get the concept of separate sovereign states. The word “indivisible” has no place in it.

    1. Someday in the future political slavery will be seen how we see the other type of slavery now. People will wonder how it was ever seen as acceptable.

  2. Yes, people who are suckered into voting for corporatist neocons who are Republican need to be separated from people who are suckered into voting for corporatist neocons who are Democrat.

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