Discovering the DARK WORLD of MK ULTRA

It is now a regular occurrence that I am appearing on the Last Dispensation Podcast. Troy and I discussed MK Ultra and the CIA’s involvement in mind control using LSD and other topics.

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Came to wider public attention when two members of the movement were arrested in Tallahassee, Florida in 1987 in charge with Mr. Meener child abuse of the six children accompanying them the two men having remained silent that when in a public park the police Inquired us to their identity relationship to children the children look disheveled.
They looked not very well kept camped Underfed they were they were eating they lived apparently they were living on just junk food and chocolate and stuff like that uh Appeared later on to even not be disconnected with reality and other people the men were Douglas Ammerman and James Michael Howell both described as well -dressed men in suits They used a van to transport six scruffy hungry children of varying ages the age
range of the children was between two and eleven So they get in trouble Because they can’t prove that they’re the parents of these kids there There was the Wild Wild West days of YouTube go back to like 2005 right right and you had all kinds of before all the rules and everything People were doing anything right right right and you got stuff that and you had a mix of stuff yet stuff That was just completely
ridiculous and then you had stuff that was like whoa, okay? That’s you know You got Steven Jones from BYU talking about nanothermite in the Twin Towers And how did three buildings come down and well three and a half buildings come down in New York when only you know Two buildings were hit by planes and building seven right Why the heck Does it exist?
It goes back, you know a long ways There was actually a program on BYU television that actually talked about a granite flats if any of your viewers ever watched that It was a pretty enjoyable show and it even brought up in Kale’s wrist So sometimes you’re like if it’s on TV is it legit?
All right back again, Ben. I don’t know Ben should we this has been McClintock by the way folks if you don’t know who he is You are missing out.
He is Tree of Liberty Society head dog Or what whatever you call it. I don’t know your title, but it’s amazing And I have a playlist And and we’ll leave all his links.
So if you don’t know who he is you better get to know him You better get to know him today our topic is It’s it’s consume.
It’s my it’s mind -boggling. It’s it consumes the soul. It it’s you you watch Series on on Netflix about things fictitious things like this It’s related to stranger things even the series stranger things talks about the if you’re you ever heard of the Montauk project that is a fictitious Thing that Hollywood I well if you what if you believe in predictive programming,
that’s a whole other deal And maybe Ben knows what I’m talking about. I’m sure he does But this is MK ultra And we’re gonna talk a little bit about that we’re gonna let Ben teach us some things about that Ben how old is MK ultra and why the heck?
Did it does it exist? It goes back, you know a long ways There was actually a program on BYU television That actually talked about a granite flats if any of your viewers ever watched that It was pretty enjoyable show and it even brought up MK ultra.
So sometimes you’re like if it’s on TV Is it legit? You know our people that talk about it just watching too much, you know superhero movies or what’s really going on, would the government actually do something so crazy and horrible?
And so there’s different things out there like Project Paperclip, which was discussed in one of the most Captain America or Avengers movies. And so a lot of these real life programs are mentioned in these fictitious programs.
And so it kind of creates confusion sometimes in people’s minds of what’s reality, was it something that was just made up, a lot of people have never even heard of either one of those these programs, you know, Project Monarch, those types of things.
But you can, we’ll hopefully have the link to this from the CIA website. This is from the CIA .gov. They have some public documents,
some declassified documents about MKUltra. And so according to the CIA, MKUltra was a codename for a covert CIA mind control and chemical interrogation research program run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence.
If that right off the bat doesn’t just send chills down you, I don’t know what will. I mean, that’s mind control and interrogation, right? It’s just. Yeah, it sounds like out of a science fiction book or a comic book or a horror movie,
right? So it started in the early fifties and supposedly ended in the seventies, according to official documents. I don’t personally believe that that’s the case.
But that’s what they, that’s what they claim. And it was, it was used in the development of acid, you know, LSD and a lot of other drugs that just like the CIA sold cocaine,
you know, on the streets in the United States as well as it was a party to getting it from South America to the United States. The CIA was involved in the development and distribution of LSD,
this mind -destroying drug that they were using for a mind -control apparatus as well as a way to be able to interrogate people and to get things that they wanted out of them.
Interesting. Why? Okay, so this is something that’s becoming, like, okay, I always look at things post -Trump administration and pre -Trump administration.
The reason is, we know that conspiracies have been around for a while and we know that people have studied them. Who was it that Alex Jones interviewed before he died?
I’m trying to remember. What was his name? No, the guy with the black helicopters and what was his name? You know who I’m talking about.
The guy that was even talking, he was talking about 9 /11 happening before it happened. I can’t remember his name right off. It’ll be on the screen,
though, because I’m going to go back to that.
I’m going to go back to that. I’m going to go back to that. I’m going to go back to that.
it. Six years ago, people would call you a conspiracy theorist. So my question to you would be,
how operational is it today, do you think, or is it something that has waned,
is the CIA not utilizing it as much anymore? Is it something from the past? Why would they stop utilizing it? That’s kind of the question, first of all, right? The Cooley Bono,
who benefits from them stopping to use these types of things? Maybe develop new programs, and what not sure, they develop new stuff, but why would you, unless it’s something that didn’t work,
which the amount of years that they used it shows that it did work and it produced things that they wanted. And so I would say, and so getting into,
so kind of addressing some of the things you said, and then kind of going back, so the YouTube, there was the Wild Wild West days of YouTube. You go back to like 2005, 2008,
and you had all kinds of… Before all the rules and everything. People were doing anything. And these standards, right? Right, right, right. And you got stuff that, and you had a mix of stuff.
You had stuff that was just completely ridiculous, and then you had stuff that was like, whoa, okay, that’s, you know, you got Stephen Jones from BYU talking about nanothermite in the Twin Towers,
and how did three buildings come down, and well, three and a half buildings come down in New York when only two buildings were hit by planes. And building seven, right? And showing the elements,
and then you have, again, as you lead into the, you know, leading up to the fake pandemic with COVID and what not, you have the beginning of the breakdown,
the crackdown on hate speech. hate speech. And so anything you anytime you said anything about, you know, the government, it was of course racist because Obama was black. And so of course,
if you didn’t like what the government was doing, you were racist. And then you get into 2020. And if you started to say, you know what, to all this stuff about mandates and masks and all this kind of stuff was bogus,
then they’d start to shut you down. And so it’s a lot of the stuff that you had before on YouTube. You can’t find anymore. You’ve got to look to alternative sites like Odyssey,
which the feds just basically shut down things like rumble and whatnot. And so you’ve even said rumble has gotten to the point where it will shut down my videos without and you’re like,
really? I thought this was a friendly uncle here that took me in. And so you had, I don’t know if you’ve heard of Ben Swan. He did a video about six,
seven years ago going to. So what they’ve done with MK ultra, if they’re not continuing to do it is something that you can see what they’re doing with like spying,
right? So with the CIA, what they do is they just hire contractors are like, okay, we’ll pay Facebook, we’ll pay Twitter to spy on you just, you know, we’ll buy the data from them.
So that way, we’re not violating the Fifth Amendment and the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. You gave that information willingly to this third party. And in the contract, you said that they could sell your information and we’re just buying it from them.
And so we’re not violating anything. We’re just buying, you know, we’re just a customer of them. And so they’re allowed to, they’re allowed to violate the Constitution because they’re buying it from a private party that had an agreement with you.
And so what’s going on now with a lot of these mind control programs is we have in the University, Arizona State University has a program where instead of using using chemicals they’re actually using radio waves to elicit a change and they say it’s to combat religious extremism and so in your mind you’re thinking oh good they’re going after the terrorists and getting people to know right but when the debt when when the
government defines religious extremism it’s basically anything that you say my religion teaches this or I believe my religion or my you know the scriptures as I read the scriptures they say that the government doing this is illegitimate now you’re in a religious extremist and so it’s not just limited to the religion that you think is extreme and the things that that religion that you don’t like is doing it when they call
it religious extremism it’s just basically anytime you use religion to say I don’t like what the government’s doing well and so they’ve you know this has become public information where they use private institutions to develop these programs then they just purchase and they can use either the data or they purchase the program so that way they have this level of plausible deniability where they’re actually using radio waves
to be able to what you know what they’ve claimed themselves is able to squelch you know religious extremism I was just that’s crazy you said that Ben that’s crazy because I remember the YouTube video it was what three minutes long on YouTube it’s not there anymore I’ve looked I’ve looked I’ve looked and it was talking about the brain the the prayer particle of your brain or this was I kid you not brothers and sisters
he knows what I’m talking about this is a real video it’s the I don’t know if it’s the FBI or CIA they’re in this board meeting and the guy has a PowerPoint PowerPoint thank you thank you thank he’s all yeah you’re on your own Troy the PowerPoint okay and he’s talking about this prayer part of your brain and but then he they say oh well this is so that we could stop and Islamic extremism right and and then you’re
thinking well is that really the point of why you created this or is this a front is this just a you You know a talking point that you’re using to to fool us You know into thinking that but this is a real thing folks What he’s talking about as a real thing from using it for other things if they can use it for that Why wouldn’t they you know,
you know This was what something that really started to wake me up I’m like well this guy wouldn’t you know use the Patriot Act for bad things But what if what if a Democrat gets that you know gets into office next and he has those powers well I don’t want that to happen and so even if we don’t think our team is gonna do a bad thing with it if we give the If we set the precedence of allowing,
you know one administration to do it Then the next administration is gonna say well we have the authority to do so Right, it’s funny you say Democrat, but you know, I know I know you’re speaking to the the lay people when you say Because it doesn’t matter anymore folks Democrat or Republican That was my mindset though in the very beginning right and so that was my I had to like kind of say okay I’ve got to apply
the same principles to both sides. Otherwise. It’s not principled right and it’s interesting because that video is talking about and What and that I You know how you come across things and then you go was that a dream?
Did I really see that video and then somebody later talks about a certain topic? You’re like, that’s not that’s not my imagination That’s a real thing, right? and it was even It was a hidden camera somebody took their cell phone was filming this meeting with their cell phone This was not fake and they’re talking about this I don’t know what part of the brain it is right,
but Using radio waves they they figured out they can throw voices and then you run they the CIA has lit What what what what are they called?
Man, I’m forgetting words today blue I’m a project blue beam. No not project blue beam Who are they that control the weather they’re the the oh harp not harp but what’s the other one I look like an idiot right now I don’t care harp not harp what’s the other one where they do experiments like this maybe it is harp and they oh by the way the guy I was thinking of earlier was Bill Cooper William Cooper yeah where he
died in 2001 and he was he was talking about he was he predicted 9 /11 happening he had some inside information and they say he was killed 2001 November right before no it was after it was two months after 9 /11 but anyway yeah Bill Cooper so I was just watching his last interview with Alex Jones okay okay so that they have the ability the CIA has the ability to make people hear voices right and and can target
these people with with sound waves or radio waves yep and that’s what you’re talking about absolutely and so and they use these programs is another one that’s kind of related to MK ultra and what you’re talking about it’s called Pat con which is short for patriot conspiracy where the FBI will infiltrate what they can you know what’s typically called a patriot organization and they will join and then they will find
somebody within the organization that is malleable that they can influence and then they’ll convince that person to do something I know somebody you know personally that several years ago was a victim of this where they they produced the fake bomb,
they produced all the materials. They just said, hey, come to this abandoned, just give me this one example, come to this abandoned building in the middle of nowhere from the Forest Service, and you know,
you can help us, you know, stick it to demand. And we’re gonna blow up this abandoned Forest Service building. And so he goes out with them and he presses what he thinks is going to, you know,
blow up the building. And so they arrest him for attempted terrorism, right? – Right. – So, but it wasn’t his idea, it wasn’t something that he would have done on his own, but he was, you know, a weaker individual and he was easily influenced and he was,
you know, tricked into doing those types of things. And so, and this is not just, you know, with this one example, but this is PatCon, if you Google PatCon, it’s a FBI program that is used to this day to infiltrate both Muslim organizations as well as Patriot organizations to get people to do things that they wouldn’t do.
And so it makes it look like they are going after terrorism. And so all in the name of going after terrorism, they’re drumming up people to do things that they weren’t doing on their own.
– Or are, are they raising people to, like from childhood? Is that, you hear about that too and DUMs, like what are DUMs, the underground?
– Yeah, the underground stuff. And so these are different programs, right? It’s not the same program, but the same institutions, you have the FBI or– – ‘Cause that’s where you start going, wait a minute, I don’t know if I can believe in this or not,
but– – Right. – They will raise, they’ll raise a child with a fake mom and dad, the CIA. And then later, maybe they commit some heinous crime that’s gonna help bring down,
bring about gun control or something like that, right? Is that kind of what you’re talking about? – Well– – It’s for an agenda. – That’s a different thing. That’s, that’s– – Okay, okay, sorry.
– That’s different. So we know that they do that with like satanic, ritual abuse. If you, if you haven’t been aware of that, I did a couple of videos on that on my website as well. That where they raise people up to be what they call breeders and that kind of a thing.
And so I’m not aware of a specific. It sounds like, you know, that sounds familiar. I don’t know the specific program that you’re talking about. Well, even breeders, they’re they’re there to bear children for the CIA.
Right. So that for the CIA specifically, that sounds familiar, but I don’t know specific. And so I’m referring to the with the satanic ritual abuse aspect of it. And so, yeah, they use and with the dums,
the underground, that’s also there’s some declassified information on that. So a lot of the stuff people say, well, that’s just a conspiracy. No, these conspiracy facts, which is different than a theory,
right, you theorize, you can, which scientists theorize all the time. So there’s nothing wrong with having a theory and trying to prove it out. It’s when you say this theory is true, but there are tons of conspiracy facts,
like MK ultra is a conspiracy fact. Dums are a conspiracy fact. Harp is a conspiracy fact. There are government documents that that that release the information and talk about what they it is that they did in these or are doing in these programs.
And so it’s important that we distinguish between the two. And we don’t just lump it all together, you know, shape shifting, lizard people into the right thing, right, MK ultra, right, right. Yeah,
the same thing with we like, I still don’t know if the QAnon thing was even a thing. If that was true.
I don’t know how you feel about that, but I didn’t go ahead. It was it was controlled opposition. Basically, it was designed to get people to not oppose, you know,
what was going on with the lockdowns under the guise that they were going after pedophiles and that kind of a thing. And so I I believe it was, you know, false opposition. So Syops,
basically. Exactly. Right. OK. That’s what I thought. A lot of my peers felt the same way. This is interesting because I the most interesting part because,
OK, okay, there was a story about the group back in the early 80s, mid 80s where that, that, that those guys they found with the kids in the van,
you know what I’m talking about where I keep coming up with these big they were CIA operatives and they were transporting these children somewhere.
But like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand’s doing a lot of times in these government agencies. I don’t know the whole story, but it was because I vaguely remember it.
But one thing I do remember about and, and I’ll, I’ll leave the links, I’ll find the story and I’m going to leave the links in the descriptions. Cool. Give me a chance to read about it. Yeah. No, really,
it’s, it’s very interesting. There were some women and men that still to this day, they were acquitted, but you know that,
that our local law enforcement don’t always know what the feds are doing. And so it was a case of local law enforcement catches the operatives doing nefarious things.
And that’s where they started budding heads because when you think of when it comes down to it, I think that our local, the sheriff and police are going to be more on our side than the federal government’s going to be someday,
which they’re trying to weed out for sure. That’s why they’re trying to defund police in, in my opinion. But anyway, they have different standards for hiring police to kind of weed things out slowly as well.
Right. They’re wanting mindless Gestapo type cops now. There was a Supreme Court ruling that said that certain, that police departments could have an IQ. So there was a just giving example.
Yeah. There was a cop that was fired because he tested too high on an IQ test. And so that police department had a requirement that said you couldn’t score above X number.
And so he sued and the Supreme Court said no, they’re allowed to do that. And so there are police departments across the country making sure that they are there are people of a certain minds, you know, mental capacity that are easier to manipulate into doing what they want them to do.
Yeah, that that that’s crazy. Let me look this up. I’m going to edit this part out real quick. Yeah. But let me look at CIA operatives. I don’t know if it’s going to be here, but it kind of got so big that Google is like,
whatever, we got to let it go now. Right. Let me see. Van, men and women. And then some of these women and men that were part of this,
they’re still working for the FBI today. It’s weird. Yeah. It’s weird. But let me look this up real good. CIA operatives, Van. Yeah, they’re protected totally. The finders.
Do you know what I’m talking about? I don’t. Okay, so I’m going to pretend that okay, let me see. Can I read you something?
Yeah, please do. Now, be advised, this could be psyops when I’m reading. But but check this out. How much time do you have? You’re good.
Okay. Okay. 1987 arrest case. This was the finders. It became pretty popular. That’s what I was thinking about folks when I couldn’t remember the van and the people came to wider public attention when two members of the movement were arrested in Tallahassee,
Florida in 1987 and charged with Mr. Meener child abuse of the six children accompanying them. The two men having remained silent that when in a public park,
the police inquired us to their identity and relationship to the children. The children looked disheveled. They looked not very well -kept camped Underfed they were they were eating they lived apparently they were living on just junk food and chocolate and stuff like that Appeared later on to even not be disconnected with reality and other people the men were Douglas Ammerman and James Michael Howell both described as well
-dressed men in suits They used a van to transport six scruffy hungry children of varying ages the age range of the children was between two and eleven So they get in trouble Because they they can’t prove that they’re the parents of these kids But the two oldest children referred to as Mary and Max were interviewed by law enforcement But so the thing is is that Despite the okay,
so there’s a big story about it. I’m not gonna read that. I want to jump to this where Despite a resolution the issue was brought to wider attention in 1993 when Henry T skip Clements an officer in private sector Consulting and a resident of steward,
Florida obtained a copy of the 1987 report which stated that the DC police department investigation into the finders Had been dropped as a CIA internal Manor matter sorry a CIA internal matter.
So anyway There’s a whole bunch to it But that was the main part that I wanted to show you that the CIA gets involved and just says, you know Yeah,
that’s weird. That’s just weird. I’m sure you haven’t seen this because you’re a much better person I know you don’t watch rated our movies. I’m sure but there was a movie with Mel Gibson called the conspiracy theory I don’t remember that.
Yes, and that that was loosely bright the day of these movies loosely based on a true story and so that was an amalgamation of of of of like MK Ultra and other programs where there are these people like you’re talking about the finders and where they are able to manipulate them and get people there’s like key words,
there’s sounds, there’s lights, you know, different images that will trigger these people to then just all of a sudden their brain switches like a multiple personality where their their core personality doesn’t know what’s going on.
And then they’re used as like a human weapon to go do something. And so that goes so that goes back to MK Ultra and other associated programs. So they use a lot of different programs that kind of do things that you would kind of think of as being similar.
Well, and maybe even some of the theories of some of these school shootings, maybe. Yeah. I mean, there’s, you know, that’s where that’s what Alex Jones is being sued for. Alex Jones.
Yeah, I got in trouble with with dollars or something crazy. What’s it called against him for saying that Sandy Hook Sandy Hook. Yeah. Yeah. And then some other well, the weird thing is I’m doing this and can I tell you my little thing,
my little thing, my brain is oatmeal today, folks, because I’ve been working on my website nonstop. So forgive me if I sound like a buffoon. All right. So remember the last Vegas shooting,
some people think that might have been a CIA operation. There’s so much stuff. So many fishy things going on with that. Okay, chief. I did some stuff on Maui on my channel.
I gained about 5000 subscribers just by doing stuff on Maui. Right. Like four months ago, I only had like 6000 or about 4000 something.
And then I went to Tim Ballard. Well, here’s the connection. It’s weird. Write one story after the other. And this is what I found out. Okay.
Okay. Well, some others did about Chief Palatier was the chief that was over the Lahina fire, where they think direct energy weapons. Some people think that that there were government,
military weaponry that just same as the fires a couple years ago in California. Yes. Yes. Up in and I’m not remembering names.
Wine country somewhere in there. Yeah. But by Napa. So Chief Palatier was the same guy that was on the Vegas over the Vegas shootings.
That’s a little okay. He was relocated after the the mess that was in Vegas relocated. Got a job in Maui.
By the way, Black Rock State Street and Vanguard own about 80 % of Maui. I don’t know. A lot of people don’t know that. Bill Gates and Black Rock is a corporate member of the org have tried to buy all of the Hawaiian islands and they’ve been denied them.
So they’re mad. They’re ticked off. Their egos or Oprah might be part of that. We don’t know. But she was being implicated in ways that there wasn’t a lot of proof there.
But I don’t know. There’s just some shady stuff. So anyway, Chief Palatier is the same chief of police that was on the the Vegas shootings. He gets sent to Maui,
gets a raise, right? More than any other chief police that had ever been there. And then all of a sudden, like he’s not in the pocket of somebody or something that needs Hawaii.
Okay. And Black Rock State Street, Vanguard, the CFR, all of that involved there too. Now here’s the other thing with Tim Ballard.
There’s an investigative reporter that’s up his rear end that will not leave him alone. His name is Adam Herbert. Now, Adam Herbert was the same investigative reporter,
guess where he was? Vegas with Chief Palatier. And I found that out. Nobody’s ever, I can’t find anybody that’s talking about that.
So, I’m talking about connections here. That’s the main reason I’m bringing this up. And that, also, I found out that George Soros bought Vice News,
the same people that did the, asked for the request for comment from the Church of Jesus Christ, the Latter -day Saints. Well, Mitt Romney’s son, Josh, wanted to run for the Senate in Utah,
might still announce that. Well, guess who else was going to run? Tim Ballard. Mitt Romney’s been known to be in George Soros’ pocket,
along with Chief Palatier and Adam Herbert. Anyway, and George Soros just bought Vice. So, anyway, it’s just crazy.
So, is all that conspiracy could be? That’s more of the theory range right now until you can prove it. You’ve got like a base idea. Let’s see if we can, if the pieces, if the evidence leads in that direction,
and if it does, great, then it’s a fact. Otherwise, it’s, hey, let’s go back to the drawing board and find out the truth. Yeah, exactly. So, let me ask you something real quick.
Maybe we, I don’t know, how much time do you have left? You’re good. We’re good. We’re good. We always think of the craziest things with MK ultra,
but you were mentioning earlier that There they’re a subtle that there’s a lot of subtle operations where they They operate smoothly.
They’re not they’re not just Getting people high on LSD and doing all these wacko experiments some of it might just be Careful infiltration Like you were explaining earlier Do you think some of what?
They do Could we have CA a CIA operatives in in the church So this is ultimately a battle between Christ and Satan that’s why you look in the The Poe great price you look in the book of Mormon Dr.
In Covenants and it talks about these see your combinations is modern -day conspiracy that we face It’s ultimately a battle between Christ and Satan. Why would Satan not? try to infiltrate What Christ established makes noses so I would say it would be silly to say that he isn’t at least attempting to yeah,
I Agree, I agree. I mean what weren’t some of the Sandy Hook people. I’m not saying Sandy Hook is But don’t sue me for a billion dollars. I don’t don’t sue me.
Okay. I don’t get off my back. Okay I’m just saying yeah, that’s you know, it was mentioned in general conference and yeah So one of the one of the family members involved And well victims,
you know, we’re remember yeah, right and then it was just look some people might hate me when I say this But I’m gonna say it anyway They were one of the the father was accused of doing a press conference and then just kind of having this weird smirk on his face Afterwards that that was I saw it You saw it and many people saw the smirk Could it just be he was nervous?
Maybe it’d be that he’s trying maybe he knows the plan of salvation and he’s not worried about his child It could be But it was just spooky.
It was spooky and there’s a lot of spooky and that’s not the only spooky things. Okay, lots of suspect things Yeah, like I say if it eats Chinese food like a duck if it does Pilates like a duck if it Backstrokes like a day.
It’s a duck. Yep. So What about Some of the okay, so MK ultra we say it’s it started in the 50s,
right? People talk about movie stars having that Where they look like they’re Disconnected in a second clicks in there.
Yeah. Yeah Do you think we know that the CIA from? Operation not operation. Was it dragon not dragonfly. I’m thinking of the Google program Troy Where they sat in front of Congress?
Back in the late 70s that they were trying to oh that when the CIA was acute They were questioning this Congress’s question the CIA about about being involved with the news and And that the media I forgot what that’s called operation mockingbird mockingbird.
Thank you. Thank you so All right, that’s the fact the conspiracy fact and in fact even during the George W. Bush administration The good,
you know, not only are they influencing the media But they actually produce news stories Submitted to the media and the media will run it as a news story not as a government You know public service announcement,
you know type of a thing and Bush was questioned and during a press conference about it and he just kind of laughed it off and said we’re following the law and So that they’re and so when you’re watching the news There are often things that our government produced and presented as a news story Yeah,
but with the operation mockingbird that expanded from the news all the way to of course into the media So do we know, you know, there’s speculation of who is involved in Operation Mockingbird or not.
I mean, maybe who today is involved in it, if it’s, if it’s still going on. But yeah, it’s definitely a real program that they are using to influence the public.
Absolutely. And that we’re not sure if that’s MKULTRA related, though, right? Well, both of them are designed to control the right thinking of the people or to manipulate the thinking of the people.
So is it, they’re not the same program, but they’re both related to their goal to manipulate our thinking into going along with what they want to have to happen and what to do.
Well, and the reason I brought up Operation Mockingbird, thank you. We’ve got Operation Paperclip. We’ve got Operation Dragonfly. We’ve got Operation, okay,
Mockingbird is because going back to the Hollywood elites, handlers, if we, if, if, if the CIA is involved with the media,
then they’re involved with Hollywood, which is the media, the news. There are a bunch of actors anyway. Hollywood people are just as interconnected with NBC,
CB. They’re all the networks. Yeah. Okay. Now it’s all, they’re all a conglomeration of, of, of elbow rubbing moguls.
And that’s what they are. And so if they could do that, yes, you’re gonna have movie stars up there that were put there. Some people think Madonna and others and Lady Gaga,
you know, this could be rumor, but I’m just saying, here’s an example. We have a lot of them that have admitted to serving Satan specifically as well. Right. Could these people have been raised by the government and put there as operatives,
maybe? How far does that go? How extreme is that line? We don’t know, but we know it happens. And that’s the thing. So if you’ve got the media,
an Operation Mockingbird, and the CIA, then you’ve got CIA and Hollywood and handlers. What are handlers? Ben?
They’re kind of the go -between. They’re the ones that are making it so they have the plausible deniability, a link between the individual and the higher -ups to kind of get things taken care of.
And so there’s another one, Operation Monarch. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that one as well along the same lines. And so when you see this,
and so this is just with the Operation Mockingbird, you have in 1950 — You want to share? Is this something you want to share? Well, it’s just from — Go ahead.
It’s fine. We can share it. Sure. Oops. Wrong button. Let’s see here. We’re talking about Operation Mockingbird.
You have — there was at Harvard, right? I talked about how they use Google and they use Facebook and Twitter and all those different operations to be able to get information. They had at Harvard,
they had the independent service of information. And then you have a government official saying, “By 1953, we’re operating or influencing international organizations in every field where Communist Fronts had previously seized ground.” So they’re,
of course, saying, “Oh, this is about patriotism. This is about trying to make sure that we protect the American way of life.” Of course, that’s how you get the low -level people that don’t know.
So, like, when you — there are projects, like, when they are building a spy plane where you have one group of people that are engaged in building the wings and then somebody else is doing the motor and somebody else is doing the fuel cell lodge.
Right. And so they have to have — The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Right. Otherwise, you know, it would be difficult to be able to kind of keep things under wraps because you can’t get everybody involved.
even the the book that George Washington and John Adams read prusive a conspiracy by John Robison talking about where you know when the you had the Illuminati had their couriers struck by lightning their papers talked about within their organization the bottom level they’re taught about religion they’re taught about morality they’re talking about supporting the government and then but at the as you get higher and higher the
levels are designed to undermine those things undermine faith in god because at the top they hate god they hate the savior they’re anti christ and they’re trying to set up new government systems you know for the about last 200 years and so most of that’s been taken over by now and so yeah you have this compartmentalization because you you have a group of people that haven’t been sold into the higher the higher mindset
of the organization and so they have to be sold into this patriotism to get them involved in the lower level whereas you know as you get into it it’s not about patriotism unless what you’re saying is patriotism is supporting whatever the government does and so that’s the eventual the end goal in these things is to create mindless automatons under the guise of stopping islamic terrorism under the guise of stopping
communism those types of things yeah under the guise of things that everybody would agree with oh yeah we don’t like terrorism right protecting the people we’re gonna keep you safe because we know better and that’s how they sold the masses on the patriot act which was which is which is horrifically unconstitutional but you know conservative talk radio during 2000 you know after 9 /11 up to basically the obama administration
was if you don’t like the patriot act you’re basically you know osama bin laden’s right hand man and so they were able to manipulate people into saying “Oh, you don’t support what the government’s doing.
You must be on the other side.” Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity’s one of them. Right. And I was on board. I was a flag waving. And I remember you’d get these packages of flags and,
you know, the Gen Z’s and even some of the millennials don’t know that. That was like,
we were rallying around the flag, we were rallying around George Bush, Jr. And we thought, oh, this guy with a colostomy bag or was on a dialysis colostomy bag.
A dialysis machine in a cave was sophisticated enough and had the wherewith and the money to do all that. That’s crazy. That is not the case.
Sean Hannity. And who was the fund had been logged in? Oh, it was the CIA. Imagine that. Sean Hannity. Well, yeah. Didn’t they create Al Qaeda too? Sean Hannity. Exactly. Yep. Sean Hannity. Al Qaeda. Sean Hannity. Al CIA. Sean Hannity. Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, what was I was watching? Do you ever watch Redacted? I think I showed you something, but they talk about a lot of this too.
And what did they say? My Al? My uncle Al? I don’t know. But okay. So, yes. I always wonder,
Ben, when when you said compartmentalized things, you know, we the right hand not knowing what the left hand’s doing that, you know, the military does that anyway.
Yeah. And then you’ve got what’s that place in Nevada, Area 51? Area 51. Yeah. Yeah. To Willis, supposedly the what where they do stuff now because in Salt Lake to will oh wow Wow,
yeah, and then you’ve got what the Latter -day Saints are the biggest Gadiant and robbers there are I mean we’ve you guys got not you guys you know by center. We got the NSA spy Yeah,
the NSA brother. They said it was because you know in Utah. We got the most loyal Americans here. Isn’t that great? Yeah, lovely Well, and then so then the question is are they in the church?
Well, I guess so and inadvertently By by association and And Satan is you know, I think that’s why the Savior every 200 years There’s a great reset.
He he comes and has his own great reset. You know what I mean? It says knock it off Let’s just hold on give me that priesthood back Okay,
so I got to wrap it up. This has been awesome. This is just kind of a a Paste test of what we we could talk about this more in the future sometime and maybe get into more detail I don’t know everything you know been so I’m still prying into Ben’s mind And it’s amazing.
He’s a good man. I I Always wonder Adam Weiss hop designed an organization Where there was circles and inner circles and outer circles things that you were talking about Do do people actually get to a top to where they can?
govern all of these circles or or it or has it is it a pure design to where it can be ruled without anyone in particular knowing everything going on well within the Illuminati’s organization,
yes, there there is a top and What was because they were disbanded and they became the Jacobin’s etc etc, so Yeah, I mean I From from my studies you look how you look at the the scriptures and how With master mayhem,
right? He was Satan’s servant on the earth And so, yes, there is a Master Mayhem throughout time because we learn in Moses chapter five that it says in the days, you know, in the last days,
that we’ll say that this conspiracy is the same conspiracy from the days of Cain. And so, if the Mahanic principle, right, exactly. And so, you following that all the way through looking at how operated during the Book of Mormon,
and then we can see today with the documents that have been made public today about how the conspiracy works, it is the same exact kind of setup where you have, it is this pyramid structure,
and he uses counterfeits where he, you know, as you get higher and higher, it looks more and more, you know, a good counterfeit, of course, is going to look like the real thing. And so,
you’re not going to use monopoly money to go buy some stuff at the grocery store. It’ll be obvious. And so, if you’re going to counterfeit money, you’re going to make it look as much like the real thing. And Satan does similar things as well, where he mimics,
has his counterfeits of how the Savior operates. And so, it causes a lot of confusion where people start to reject the restoration because it has a lot of things that Satan has stolen that makes it look like that the restored gospel is actually part of this satanic conspiracy when it’s just,
no, Satan has stolen these things. I want to ask you one more thing, and then maybe we can even talk about that. But this is like the icing on the cake of things that I think about.
I’ve watched guys, and I can’t remember where I saw them. I read some things and I can’t remember why I read them.
You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah, I know. Star Wars. Some say that that is actually patterned after good versus evil. And that Yoda represents that little guy that appeared to Alistair Crowley.
I don’t know if that’s true. Yeah, I know. You’re like, okay, I don’t know what you’re talking about, dude. But the interviews with George Lucas and, you know, on on those types of things, I’ve never seen him saying something like that, but it’s,
you know, he was no, right, right, right. And that’s the part where so that’s the part where you go. Well, we’re not saying that there’s lizard people,
folks, and we’re not saying that every conspiracy is true, but there are true conspiracies. There are absolutely truth, the nefarious things that happen that you were not aware.
You and I are not aware of. OK. It’s it’s like the dark side to say that two people aren’t going to get together in secret to do something bad. It’s insane to say that.
Well, yeah. If we think that we know there’s serial killers, we know that people rob banks. We know people commit crimes, but because you have a billion dollars, you are a benevolent human being that who?
Why do people not think that billionaires and millionaires can’t commit crimes? And they’re even worse because they can control the narrative because they have money and they can do a lot more evil and cover more ground because of of their filthy lucre.
So do you think that there is some spiritualism even at the top where Satan Satan is higher up you go? The more spiritual it is. Well Lucifer is literally appearing to people.
Do you think that’s crazy? That’s crazy. Wow. Look at, you know, even the writings of Karl Marx, he talked about his love of Lucifer. Yeah. That’s amazing.
I mean, not amazing good, but amazing bad. All right. We’re going to leave it here, Ben. Thank you so much. And come back. Well, you’re going to come back. You’re a frequent flier of the last instance.
Yeah. And my co -host once in a while. We’ll get that going. All right. Thank you.


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