Member Training – Globalism Through Changing The Culture



If Carmen give us the minutes for last week, but Philip go ahead. Our Father in Heaven we’re grateful for this time they have together together and learn and be educated and discuss with one another the principles of liberty and the things that we can do individually and as a group to further that cross here upon the earth in these last days.
We pray for thy spirit for thy guidance for understanding how to be effective in our time and talents and we pray for these things in the name of Jesus Christ in it Thank you,
Philip Carmen take it away or for Monday January 8th 2024 these are the minutes for the Tree of Liberty Society meeting.
The opening prayer was offered by, that was Phillip Jensen, right? Okay, I got to remember that. The opening prayer was offered by Jumping Jay. Ben said he will be talking with the lawyer this week and that he did some shows on We the People and Last Dispensation.
He talked about how Satan uses misunderstanding of the rapture cult during the last dispensation. He talked about the Wolvertons are going to be coming. The Wolverton show is going to be upcoming.
He, tentatively, it’s January 19th at the autumn home town buffet. For training that night, it was about Epstein. and the trafficking of the young girls,
how the names were released, the media, the corporate media is, is this a big distraction? Yes, yes. Ben decided he was going to look and see what’s really going on.
And he’s going to dig deeper. And that was the night that was our less our training that night. The Epstein documents were unsealed.
Naming convicted pedophiles and names were named, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew among them. One of the lawyer, Paul Dershowitz,
gave a disclaimer and was quite shady on that. Then commented how people are always caught in their lies. There were people that made a great with the government for non -prosecution of Epstein and some of his cohorts.
The immunity provisions are kept secret, violations of the crime, Victims Rights Act, it’s a conspiracy between the government and lawyers. Ben said that there were questions.
that no one is asking and he asked them. There was no record of how he made or spent his money. What’s scary is it’s like the layers of the onion.
He’s dead. The handshifter dead. Customers are dead. Ben said that he, Epstein was the tip of the iceberg.
And that it was the tip of the iceberg. level of government members of the global satanic pedophile network. They have allowed the documents to become public,
to soothe the public. Talked about Larry King, Boys Town, the Franklin Cover -Up, CIA director William Colvey saying events are too big and too much is at stake.
Thank you. can’t do anything about it now. No matter how much evidence, just let it go. Talked about Pizzagate and how pedophiles ID each other and the same stories can be found in any state regardless.
Talked about Garn and is the scandal of the hot tubs and underage girls. He was given because he confessed and came forward and confessed to Sims.
The legislature gave him a standing ovation and later the woman involved would die in a murder suicide. Jake commented on the British newspapers and they have correspondence with Utah.
Ben said that the populace just moves on. They forget about it and lawmakers feel manufactured fear that this whole thing was a manufactured scandal.
It was entrapment to make money off of them. Marcus made a comment that they are so entrenched and they are desensitized.
Ben commented how they’re laughing like this interview with BBC in Epstein. It was a love to happen. It was all planned.
They’re laughing at the public. It’s not an isolated incident. It wasn’t an interview with Epstein. It was an interview with Prince Andrew. Yes,
I didn’t read it that way. that the interview of Prince and Andrew by the BBC and talking about Epstein,
it was all allowed to happen, it was all planned, is that correct? Correct, yes. Okay, all right. Dan said all these things were not isolated incidents,
the satanic nature is covered up by debauchery. debauchery. Those who would hold them accountable are part of the cover -up. People are murdering to cover their crimes.
When we follow rules, we’re giving the We’re giving the evil murder or something,
we’re giving it, oh, that’s what it is, we’re giving it legitimacy when we follow their laws and their rules. We’re not just allowing it, we’re encouraging it. And we, we are supporting it when we don’t actively oppose it.
We are giving it power by going along with it and we must stop facilitating it by not fighting it. These things are all connected. connected. There are chess pieces and a grand conspiracy.
The closing prayer was offered by Sal. – Hey, thank you, Carmen. Any questions or clarifications from anybody? Feel free to chime in or to put it down in the meeting chat.
– Okay, Phil Jensen gave the opening prayer, right? – Correct. I’m ready.
Okay. So, as I mentioned last week about Dr. Joe Wolverton was planning to come to give a presentation and his in -laws house burnt down actually and well not not all they burnt had a fire and they’re having to fix that and he was hoping to be able to come but he’s not coming to Utah at all after all and so That that event has been has been squelched.
So we’re going to Start doing some events here in the in Utah in in February and We’ll be streaming them over the internet.
So if you’re not in Utah, you can still do it March March March March the last Saturday in March is an official to the 30th We’ll be in St.
George. So if you are in southern Utah We’re gonna be doing an all not an all -day thing. It’s been about four or five hours of Kind of calling it the what are the afraid of event?
What is it? And so going through our boot camp in one day, we’re going to be going through all of the principles that we cover in all seven classes. And so encourage you as we put that out there.
You’ve got some time for planning and for getting the word out. We’re going to have trying to get Kate to be there and and make it a good opportunity.
So if you’ve got folks that you want to start inviting, kind of think about who you would like to invite and some things that maybe we can do, you know, leading up to that, if you’ve got some folks you’d like me to meet with Thursday or Friday beforehand,
be glad to put some things together in advance as well. So just think about that coming up last Saturday in March in St. George, and then coming up in the Wasatch Valley,
Wasatch Front in February, so more details to come. All of those will again be broadcast over the internet, so if you can’t,
if you’re not in the area, you’ll still be able to tune in, so I want to let you guys know about that. And hopefully we can work on that.
out something where Joe can come. I want to get him on to talk about some key things that Are going on that need to be talked about and so he’s you know,
there’s oh There’s very few people. I was actually just talking about this with Kate dally This this week. She was asking me some questions about what do I think about a couple of different individuals and and I told her that I was like the longer I’m in this the less people I trust and the longer I’m in this the more I’m right and and so Joe is one of those is one of those few people that has has uh passed the
test of time and principles and so the more that I can get involved you know have him present present. He’s he has the initials that people like to hear,
you know, people liked if you’re an expert, if you’re a doctor, whatever reason, it makes it so a lot of people find that to be more trustworthy for whatever reason.
And so, you know, throw that on there for folks that like that, but even not even more, but the real why. why he’s really somebody I want is because he has the depth of knowledge and the depth of principles,
and so just something I’ll be working on and just let you guys know that trying to get him to get on and do some presentations would be something I’m working on and want to have done in addition to what we’re doing.
It’s being an election year this year. We are working on later on in the year tightening up. up an elections presentation that we have to help people understand better What’s really going on with elections and and and so that’ll be something that we’re gonna be working on as we get into spring and maybe early summer and So those are some things that that we got going on I’m trying to make sure I don’t forget anything
among those lines lines. Any questions so far? Anything I’ve covered or talked about? Okay,
then let’s go ahead and get into things as we go on. I’ve been talking about this for the past several weeks and it is finally available on the website.
killing no murder. If you haven’t, I don’t know if you got, send an email or today, reminding folks about this, letting you guys announce, you know, announcing that this book is now available,
excuse me, on the website. And the training that we did several months ago is back in September. I encourage you, want to learn more about that, we’ll be doing some videos and kind of just letting the public know,
because almost nobody, nobody knows about this book. And I want to change that. This is one of those books that is something that everybody should be reading. If you’re into liberty,
you want to know about solutions to liberty. This is a must read book. So it is something that all new members will be getting a copy of. And then if you,
you know, all current members, everybody on this call tonight can get a a copy, just email me and let me know where to send it. And I will be sending you a copy of the book as a benefit of membership.
But of course I would, we want to get the book out there. So some key principles in the book, what it talks about, it brings up, it uses the scriptures to talk about,
it’s, you know, what is it, our scriptural Christian, duty in regards to tyrants? It says, quotes from the scriptures, “Second Corinthians and all the people of the land rejoiced,
and the city was quiet after they had slain Athaliah with a sword.” And then Second Chronicles 25, “Now after the time that Amaziah did turn away from following the Lord,
they made a conspiracy against him in Jerusalem, and he fled to Lekesh.” Lekesh, but they sent to Lekesh after him and slew him there a tyrant.
And so the book goes over three questions. What is a tyrant? Is it honorable to kill a tyrant? Will the outcome of killing a tyrant be beneficial to the people? Answers those questions.
Just what is a tyrant? There’s two kinds of tyrants. The no right to govern in the first place and then the second kind is one that governs tyrants. And so those are the things that it goes through just as an FYI,
some background of what it talks about. And so it’s a, I think it’s a perfect kind of book end to the Invasion series. And so what we’ve done is we’ve put together a deal where if you get all three of the books,
they’re only $23. And so that’s about a $8 discount. And, and then also with invasions one and two, I’ve put on there a bulk discount because I really,
you know, we’ve been able to distribute hundreds of these since we first published volume one last year. And I’m really grateful for all of your efforts to work on the distribution of these books.
But I really want to encourage more of them. We really have to get this into the thousands and the tens of thousands to really have the impact that we need to have. And so I would really like us all to get really excited about getting the book out there.
We want to be able to just have a stack on hand with us that we can give out to people. And so there’s a 10 % discount for ordering. five or more.
And so that’s already just automatic on the website. If you type in, you know, you put in, you wanna order five, it’s an automatic discount right there to be able to help encourage that. And then to be able to get the whole set of all three of them,
there’s the discount there. And so I’m just, I want to, I’ve just been really thinking about this and it’s really been weighing on me recently. of just how important the information in these are to be able to understand,
to be able to be effective in what we’re trying to do. I know all of us as members, it’s why we’re a part of the Tree of Liberty Society is because we want to be effective. And so getting more people to understand these principles and the effective,
the time -tested solutions to the Tree of Liberty Society the issues that we face in these books is just vital that nobody’s talking about.
And so I really want us to catch the vision and put, you know, get rid of every obstacle that’s there, that might be there financially to get us to catch the not only catch the vision,
but to be able to, you know, use the resources that we have to be able to distribute these and, you know, if we have events coming up. to be able to, you know, that we’re attending to be able to go and take those with us to be able to pass out to people.
And so that’s something I want to really start to instill in all of us. So does anybody have any questions about any of the books or any of the ways to be able to get it out there and to order it?
and any questions on on the book and what we can do to to get it out there. Okay.
On the 26th of April and 27th, the Constitution Party has their national convention in Salt Lake City, and they’ve given us a booth there.
And so, you know, we’re we’re national. national organization, and we’re having all of their members from all over the country come to Salt Lake, and they’ve said that we can have a booth.
And so I really appreciate their being willing to do that for us. And so if anybody is able to help volunteer at the booth to be able to distribute materials and to be able to sell books and talk to people,
please let me know. Reach out to me, text me, email me, put a message. message. – Is that again? – April 26th and 27th of 2024.
So. – 2025. – So this year. And so it gets us some notice. I mean, so, you know, we have three or four months to be able to plan for it.
And– – Why shouldn’t I vote? (laughing) How to win friends and influence others, right? Know your audience, Micah. Know your audience. Saying the right thing.
A lot of people. So, you know, it is nice of them. They’re willing to do that, and I appreciate it. We get opportunity for us to get these books out there as well.
I just, you know, I don’t know. Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? It is in Salt Lake City, the exact address it is at the double tree by Hilton near the airport.
So it’s in Salt Lake. But with these books, you know, I really, I don’t know how to emphasize this at the level that it needs to be emphasized.
of how much we really need to work on having these on on us to be able to pass out to people. It’s it’s people don’t understand what we’re facing.
People don’t understand why the problems that we face are or why the fake solutions out there are really important. So GW asked the booth where and for what again,
so that’s a. booth at the cons the National Constitution Party Convention in April at the Double Tree by the airport. And it’s a booth for us to be able to distribute material,
sell books, talk to people, et cetera. So they’re not charging for it. They are not charging. The only thing we need to come up with is material for the booth and people and people.
Yes. Yes. But any help we can get in getting these books out is just such a vital of the importance right now. So Any questions any other questions on anything?
And I have a repeat of the date Conference you’re have a booth at April 26th and 27th of this year April 26 27 27th.
Any other questions? Okay. On the killing no murder, I put that at,
like, there’s zero profit on that. And so, just letting you know that that’s where that is,
you know, by or 50 cents Where you’re really just wanting to get that out there to folks as well. So what’s that?
Tell me your question. Oh They yeah, they charge I don’t know what I don’t know they charge per page, but there’s like a there’s a charge,
you know know, it’s, it’s, this is about 80 pages. And so it’s a lot thinner than the other ones. And so they can, they don’t have to charge as much. So with shipping and the cost of the book,
we’re about breaking even. So what’s, no, well, on that one, we’re just putting that out there.
We just want it out there. I want that thing distributed like crazy. crazy. So globalism through influencing the culture. Just a disclaimer real quick.
There’s a thing going around. There’s people out there that are saying that religious institutions are bad. And so I want to say that I don’t think that that’s true.
I think that’s something that’s an overgeneralization to make us throw the baby out with the bathwater. bathwater, I believe that institutions are not inherently bad that God himself has created institutions on the earth,
and that bad individuals in institutions does not make institutions bad as a rule any more than bad government makes government bad as a rule, I believe that there is a proper role of government that government,
you know, I’m not an anarchist. And so, and so we want to make sure that we understand that when, just because like I say right there, bad individuals does not mean that all institutions are bad.
But we do have to understand that institutions are used by the conspiracy to be able to get their agenda through. And so the culture is really important for liberty and the culture,
the conspiracy, understands that as well because we can the conspiracy uses the culture to do things that they couldn’t do through government, right? If there was a law passed on something, people would rebel.
But as soon as a, you know, something on a cultural institution, whether it be political or religious or cultural, they get behind it.
They get people behind it that they wouldn’t get if it was. just government enforcing it. And so George Washington, he said that, you know, this is really important, that he says it is substantially true that virtue or morality is an necessary spring of popular government.
The rule indeed extends with more or less force to every species of free government. Who that is a sincere friend to it can look with indifference upon attempts to to shake the foundation of the fabric.
Let me go back. Oops. And so he’s saying really how important virtue and morality and just the culture at large is very important to free government. And also the conspiracy would say in the reverse,
it’s that they need the culture and they need the people to be immoral, to be able to get their their tyrannical things through. And so and in fact,
you know, the communists have said that themselves in the, um, communist rules for revolution, it says that they need to corrupt the young, get them away from religion, get them interested in sex,
and by specious argument, cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, confidence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.
And so that they need to, um, use institutions. And so they there’s an old saying of, you know, of preachers don’t become communists,
but communists becomes become preachers. And so they infiltrate these institutions to be able to weaken the the moral fabric of the people.
And so this was again there the rules for revolution, which was recorded in the Congressional congressional record in 1963. They said they need to break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books,
magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV. And so I think today we have too broad of a sense of what pornography is, because you can’t,
you know, how do you put pornography on the radio? So for if it’s in the traditional sense of, I guess, in the. modern sense of what we think of being pornography or on television or in the motion pictures that most of us,
you know, the average person will watch if it was what we think of as maybe an adult film or triple, you know, rated X film, you know, your average person doesn’t engage in that behavior.
And so that’s not what that means. What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to put a morality in these things. You talk about these things in a in a moral open and,
you know, in your face, nature, they, as if these things are normal, they try to normalize them in TV. If you look at what’s on, you know, your,
your prime time television, it is, you know, without being graphic in the in the in the X -rated version of graphic. they are promoting the most immoral and promiscuous activities and dress that is out there to break down these cultural standards and then to present homosexuality,
degeneracy, and promiscuity as normal, natural, healthy. And so, you know, even today you have most of the main pundits saying,
oh, my best friends are gay or there’s nothing wrong with being gay. You have cross -dressers that are being promoted at freedom events.
And so you have groups under the false name of gays against grooming, which is a misnomer. It’s a lie. And so they’re trying to make it as normal and as as okay.
And so in the 1960s, at this point, not only was it on, you know, can obviously seen as unhealthy, which it is physically unhealthy, but it’s also it’s also a form of mental illness.
And until they were bullied, it was actually on the national psychology list of mental disorders. And so they were able to remove that. So now that today,
it’s no longer seen as as not only not as normal, but as just a normal, healthy lifestyle. So the next one is to infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with social religion.
Just credit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a religious crutch supposedly, right? And so they try to get us into this idea of,
you know, thinking you can believe in the Bible and the scriptures, but not in a literal sense. We don’t use these things as crutches. And so they try to get us to disbelieve the literal word of God.
And so they can get us to then question, as we’ve talked about in previous trainings, where the Illuminati they have the levels within levels of how the bottom levels,
they say, “Oh yes, you know, we want morality, we want virtue and we want, you know, God.” But as you move up becomes more of this hatred of God and hatred of morality. And so they get us to believe that the two are compatible when they’re not.
Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the school. on the ground that it violates the principle of separation of church and state, which is a complete lie and fraud. The government church,
government schools are a government church as we’ve covered in previous trainings. And so, as I mentioned earlier, they can get the culture to change through cultural institutions,
the media, religion, political parties. It’s, you know, all. organizations. And so without, you know, a single piece of legislation. And so just as a an example,
I want to show this clip from the movie, the 80s movie adventures in babysitting, and then showing how they’ve changed the culture, working to change the culture by making things that are bad,
as and that should be labeled as bad. and not using those words anymore to label something bad. So just doors,
my hero for his home is not it is is not for a complete home.
Okay, so that was the original. original and you know, it was culturally acceptable to use homo as an epithet in the 1980s Today,
you can’t use it as an epithet. You can’t use it because it’s You can’t it’s it’s it’s Culturally it is something that has to be Promoted as normal and okay and in a lot of cases nowadays even superior to to a normal person that’s that’s straight.
And so Disney has edited it to make it to not use that word anymore. So you can’t say home anymore you just got to call them a weirdo,
which they should be synonymous. And so we look, oops, I don’t know why the thing. So banning words. So you know, you can’t use home anymore. You can’t use retard anymore, right? There’s lots of different words out there that were they’ve taken out of being culturally acceptable to to use to show that someone is doing something wrong.
And then banning cultural, you know, things, the speedy Gonzales. Gonzales is no longer acceptable. They ban that from the streaming services. You have banning health, where now if you’re an unhealthy individual,
that’s called fat shaming. And so they use the culture, whereas if, you know, if they passed a law saying you couldn’t call somebody a retard or a homo or a sodomite,
you know, people would would rebel against that, but they use cultural institutions to ban these, uh, these things to help people actually act,
you know, to change their behavior, to know what they’re doing is wrong. And so what what’s the result in that it creates a fear among the population to call out right and wrong that keeps society in check.
And so how do they do that? OK, this is in the article called the beginning of history by Garrett Gong. He says, these remembering and forgetting issues will shape the future of future,
a future in which the way that peoples and countries remember and forget will structure the international system. And so they use these institutions, whether it be the media or the whether it be religion,
whether it be political parties to get people to forget how things were in one sense and then to remember false, you know, abuses or atrocities against individuals and groups.
And so just recently, a lot of you might have seen this, it’s been kind of wild kind of like, like fire on social media about. the church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints hiring a new managing director for their communications department.
Erin Sherinian, a longtime global communication specialist, was introduced Tuesday as the new head of public affairs and media relations for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints.
The article continues, “The new director of global communications for the Church of of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints is Aaron Sheridian, a long -time global communication specialist who was instrumental in the creation of Giving Tuesday.” So if you guys,
you know, after you have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and then this guy created #GivingTuesday. So who is this guy?
Right? This is his social media. And, uh, it was… was a 2015 when the Supreme Court violated the Constitution and forced every state in the Union to enforce sodomite marriage,
he thought that was a fantastic thing. On his own social media, talking about his kids and how what a great ally he is of perversion. Here not it goes a step further and he says that they’re making history as the first trans member.
So not only talking about esotomy, but cross -dressing transgender rights or human rights, he says. He promotes the UN and how brave that,
what’s his name, Katelyn Jenner was for pretending to be a woman. It’s so brave to be delusional. [BLANK _AUDIO] and the World Economic Forum has a bio on him as well.
And so I want to kind of go through this as a screenshot of the website that he is the served as communication director. Yes, global director for this Aga Khan development network,
which is a globalist organization. organization. He uses the transformation communications for the cigarette company, focusing on their smoke -free initiatives for a cigarette company. Chief communications and marketing officer for the United Nations Foundation,
Foundation’s public relations efforts, media relationships, strategic outreach around. He’s helped build some of the most talked about milestones in digital global engagement.
around causes and UN issues of the last few years, including social good, giving Tuesday the Rio Social International Day of Happiness, the Earth to Paris and Earth to Marquette’s coalitions.
He’s a passionate supporter of efforts to build a new era of global activism and philanthropy among a younger generation. What is Giving Tuesday?
That’s where you donate to your favorite 501C3 organization. Through a church vending machine.
That’s like the world. That’s different. But that’s one of the things you can give on Giving Tuesday. Through another machine. machine through another machine so he says so he went to BYU and He is the Seer he’s a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council.
So a big supporter of own nothing and being happy So I want to show clips from a Talk or an introduction comment that he gave at a United Nations Summit for youth.
Kind of give him more idea of who this guy is, who is the spokesman for a major cultural institution in the Mountain West. When being asked to represent the United Nations Foundation here today on what makes for great partnerships,
what makes for great… great partnerships leading up to 2030, they asked me the communicator to represent. The greatest challenge that is posed today if we’re looking with a 2030 horizon is that if we do not tell the story from today,
we know we’re not going to arrive at 2030 with real impact. The storytelling, the communications about the partnership. you’re building, is not an extra.
It is not the frosting on the cake. The communications about 2030 is the cake itself. It is built in to what makes up the cake.
What comes together as you build partnerships and some of the principles in communicating about partnerships that we find as absolutely necessary is a recognition of the largest media organization.
organization that exists on the planet today. You’re aware of what this organization is, and you have been a participant, consumer of and contributor to this media organization.
Do you recognize it? The most powerful media organization on Earth today is the youth of our planet. Of much time,
let’s go back one, if we can, please. and is spending as much time as we know they’re spending here in the United States and in other parts of the world together with the technology that is now a part of their life that cannot be separated from them.
We know that the most powerful media organization on Earth today is you. So the challenge for partnerships today is that with a 2030 lens in front of us, any partnership must start with communications plans for the future.
beginning is when we talk about partnerships built in sessions like this at the UN most often people are thinking that it needs an institution to drive it. United Nations is an important institution in our day.
We just came out of an amazing year of partnership building informing global goals but the informing about global goals has to be at the heart of innovation in the innovative campaign.
or partnership that you’re building right now as young leaders in our world. So here at the Ecosoc Youth Forum, a challenge for each of you is that forming partnerships must include informing about them.
It must include from day one, why and how partnerships ladder up, link to the Sustainable Development Goals. So, when people think of institutions,
they’re not thinking of anyone that can the story, but they’re thinking, let’s go to the next slide, if we can, please. They’re thinking of this, because this is my view. This is the reverse view of what happens in four like this.
The United Nations is bringing together people who command as many people in audience numbers in terms of their social media feed as any other media organization today. The United Nations has done genius work,
pioneering work in mountain campaigns. campaigns such as the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, all of the things that bring us together around the media that you saw, the use of movie houses, social media, the world’s largest lesson.
We at the UN Foundation have noted that the most successful partnerships of today are born of a view that social entrepreneurship does not live separate from policy,
that good social entrepreneurship has policy. in its view and in its minds. So he’s admitting that they’re using media and these social organizations to shape policy,
to shape the future. And of course, going after the youth to get them to be on board with this and over and over again, pushing United Nations Agenda 2030,
which is a complete anti -family, anti -God. anti -private property, anti -national independence, anti -constitution, anti -everything good,
not just not good, it’s anti -everything good. And he is promoting it like crazy and working to make sure that, you know,
that his job is to work with these cultural institutions to get them to push this agenda. agenda publicly and so and that they use media he said that they use movies like when they have the UN conference in Salt Lake in 2019 they had the Angry Birds movie was the example that one of the examples that they were showing of how they were using movies to get children to go along and be normalize the agenda 2030 uh,
program and, uh, and so, but they’re obviously doing it with, with, uh, with a number of other media outlets and, and movies and whatnot.
And so, um, after he made this statement, the, uh, moderator asked him, uh, a follow -up question on, on storytelling.
He talked about storytelling. You talked about partnerships and storytelling and I thought that was quite a compelling way of talking. Is there an example,
one example that you could tell us in 30 seconds or something, where you think that that has been particularly effective, that storytelling that has permeated from the kind of bar or whatever that image was that you showed us all the way out?
up to the stratosphere of the heights of banking in this office. Just your micro things. What we saw most recently around COP 21,
the climate negotiations and preceding the climate negotiations were unprecedented storytelling because people were not so much wed to their campaign as sharing other people’s campaigns. That was us as an ecosystem working properly because we were we were campaigning with brands but we were celebrating everybody’s brand around a cop.
The other example to look at here at the United States is the examples of mothers who have powerful online voices talking about the importance of immunization and children’s health.
It has had a huge impact here in the States in moving policy discussions linking to the goals to say nothing of the 250 ,000 teenage girls in the United States. who working with the U .S.
government pushed through legislation about ensuring that girls can be registered or have to be registered as part of the U .S. government partnership and assistance. Those are three examples of deliverables from the last year.
OK, so he talked about, you know, using these things to push vaccines. And then he talked about registering girls, girls registering with the government,
like what? that was. I tried to look up what he was talking about. And it was this girls count, right? Just like the Patriot Act or No Child Up Behind.
Every time you write, who’s who can be against counting girls? If you don’t like this bill, that means you hate girls. You don’t want them to count. And so it’s just a just complete and total propaganda.
So what is the girls count legislative? I don’t remember that. No. You don’t remember that?
I don’t. You said during a presidential debate, Micah was asking, talking about the how Mitt Romney talked about having binders full of women because they count. You don’t support women.
I’ve got finders full of women for like positions in my cabinet. cabinet, right? So here’s President Obama has signed the Girls Count Act.
The legislation passed unanimously, of course, because when things that actually matter, it’s not just this public show of, you know, left versus right.
But when it’s culturally changing to move us towards destruction, it is unanimous left and right. helps ensure children are in developing countries are registered at birth.
OK. You make sure it’s here. Where it is. OK. So while most countries have mechanisms in place for registering births,
one out of three children worldwide do not officially exist. exist. So if you’re not, if the government doesn’t know about you,
you don’t exist. And this is a horrible thing. And so to be able to get funding from the United States taxpayer, this bill said you had to have a system in place where there’s tracking.
And that’s what the guy said in that, you know, admitted what it was really all about is about tracking. They have to track these girls. Otherwise, you’re not gonna get your taxpayer money.
And so that is what it is all about. It’s not about all of these things about being visible and about existing, ’cause of course you exist. And so they want to make sure that if you’re in the middle of Africa somewhere,
the Middle East or Asia, and you’re in this, they don’t have government tracking systems for individuals. but if you wanna get the largesse from the US taxpayer,
you’re gonna have to institute these things that everybody in the entire planet is going to be tracked by the government. You don’t exist.
– Officially. – Officially, right? – Officially, you don’t have to officially. – And so– – It’s so retarded. cultural adoption. We have here this is a in 2022.
We cannot afford to think only of today. And they speak of caring for the earth. The three day conference is discussing the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. That’s agenda 2030. That’s they’re in there.
They’re it’s interchangeable. So you can see here the one of the presenting Bishop Rick speaking at the UVU who is an official propaganda arm of the United Nations standing in front of the Agenda 2030 propaganda images behind him,
speaking there and promoting that. So we have the cultural adaptation adoption of these things, sustainable societies where he talks about in 2015, the United Nations Nations adopted what is called the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
It is described as a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. Now and into the future, the agenda for sustainable development includes 17 goals to be achieved by the year 2030,
such as no poverty, zero hunger, quality education, gender equality, clean water, and sanitation, and decent work. And so the footnote footnote goes to 17 goals,
United Nations Department of Economic and Social and Affairs website. And then later on in there, he references the Foreign Affairs magazine, which is the official arm of the Council on Foreign Relations.
And here in an event, you have Russell Ballard wearing his Agenda 2030 pin. If you all want one, you can go to the United Nations Development Development Goals website and pick up your SDG lapel pens to let everybody know that you’re– >> Send me a link.
>> I will send that link. And then we have here another part of the culture. This came out just late last year. Two women called to the Relief Study General Advisory Council.
They will assist the general relief study presidency as they counsel with other general and local church leaders to visit minister to the women of the church. This individual right here they works as the lead equity diversity and inclusion officer,
which is, you know, what we’re seeing all over the place now to what do they call that. Trying to think. It’s leaning a bit.
um, the, the racial stuff in schools that they’re talking about. I’m trying to think of the, the word that’s no, no,
it’s an actual thing that’s in the lexicon right now. I’m trying to think of the word, but I’m sure you guys all know. So this is all about promoting the sodomite agenda, promoting the, you know,
the idea that, that, you know, racism is a problem and that to be able to solve that problem, we need to make sure that white people,
especially white males, are not allowed to be in positions, and so trying to — it’s reverse racism, essentially. And so here, Bednar is talking to the G8 summit,
talking about how to get these cultural institutions — to can be used to promote the larger agenda. “Religion can be a powerful font of legitimacy and practical assistance in a time of crisis.
Misinformation is a major obstacle in a health crisis. Faith communities can debunk rumors, calm fears, and facilitate accurate information.” Okay,
so wanted to use and then in the next one, let’s see here, oh, let’s see here,
okay. So in this talk, right, he says these religious institutions need to be used to be able to get people to…
you know to get vaccines and he says that later on in that same talk and to get rid of you know disinformation and that those are some some keywords that we hear all the time now and we can see what was being promoted as it being safe the vaccine was safe and effective a literal godsend and encouraged everybody to to go along with the mandates mandates and the shutdowns and the vaccines.
And so we see how these institutions, and so it’s important that we don’t just say, oh my goodness, this is too big to be able to fight because that’s one of the things that they want us to think,
that they say that they use institutions like this to get basically peer pressure, pressure where we have, you know, people that we know in our in our local congregations that say that,
you know, question your faith if you’re not going along with these things. And they’re able to shift the culture that way as well by making it so people feel less faithful if they are posing this globalist anti God,
anti family agenda. And so it’s important for us to realize that these things we can use are standing for right and promoting the truth no matter what’s going on around us and what pressure is going on with us.
Just kind of give me some examples with the Manti Temple. If we remember when at the same time the Salt Lake Temple and the Manti Temple renovations were announced at the same exact time. And then…
then as a part of that, they were taking down the historical murals inside the temples. And so people within the Salt Lake area didn’t say anything,
but the members in the Manti area were really upset about it. And so instead of taking down those murals, and basically,
you know, mothballing, them, they decided to just build a different, you know, a new temple in the nearby town of Ephraim. And so,
and then we have here where there was a lot of people that were really upset about mask mandates. And so people that showed up without wearing masks, even though everyone else was, were able to get it.
And so that there wasn’t that much of a peer pressure and that, you know, people were, you know, local leaders were asking people that didn’t come because of the force mass to come back.
And that, you know, these pressure points through resistance were let go. And we see through, we’ve talked about the 90s purge in the past.
And so in the 90s, these things people were excommunicated for things like homeschooling or meeting instead of groups or attending a symposiums. symposiums considered to be fringe like the Book of Mormon conference amongst a lot of people is considered fringe.
And and so they were looked down upon in the 90s, people were excommunicated for attending such things. And in the 1940s, you have Helmut Huebner, who was excommunicated for putting out leaflets exposing Hitler and the Nazis.
And and so you know sometimes you know we were not able to immediately change things but well like Helmut Hübner did and so good people or people doing the right thing will still get punished and so we need to realize that you know sometimes there there is a price to pay for standing up for what’s right and we need to be open to the idea of consequences happening or standing up for what’s right.
But it’s important that we, you know, work to help people to resist, to help them realize and promote still, yes, you know, people that I maybe look up to are promoting something.
But that doesn’t mean that that something is not evil. We still need to state that the United Nations is evil, that the that the agenda 2030 is evil. that the the promotion of the sodomite supremacy agenda is evil,
that the the reverse racism is evil. And the it is it is designed to change the culture to get rid of important things that are related to priesthood issues.
And so we need to be willing to stand up for that because we need to be willing to stand up for if you don’t, if you just roll over, we can see what happens in the examples that I gave in the very beginning of how now words can’t be used in general company of how things are removed from the culture.
And so that way rising generations don’t know, you know, how things used to be. And so it’s important for us to be willing to stand up for, you know, say that,
you know, lifestyles are on. and not only unhealthy, but some of them are downright evil. And if we don’t, then we will not be able to have the blessings that we need as we step forward,
because you have to stand for what’s right to be able to have the Spirit with you, to be able to receive revelation that you need on what you should be doing, to be able to have the blessings of heaven as we start to resist,
you know. and as as you resist, the conspiracy comes on you and you’re going to need the protection of the Lord as the conspiracy comes upon you.
And so you don’t want to just capitulate just because you want to avoid, you know, hard times. The Lord has said in the scriptures that those that will live a life in Christ Jesus will receive persecution.
not can, not might, but will receive persecution. And so we need to be willing to have the fruits of someone that is standing up for what’s right and living that life.
We have just some examples of a divine obligation to make sure that there’s no iniquity amongst us. That when we’ve been warned, we have an obligation to warn our neighbor and that we are.
commanded to waste in where our lives and exposing the conspiracy and so there will be people that try to gaslight you into being silent into not resisting into not saying that things are bad and we need to understand correct principles and so that we don’t capitulate so that we don’t cower in silence but that we stand up and we apply correct principles.
And so, you know, we need to understand the truth of what’s really going on and not be afraid to stand up because they’re using cultural institutions like the media,
like churches, like, you know, movies and music and television and political parties to get us to accept things that are wrong. And so if we’re if we are afraid to stand up,
that means the next generation won’t know what’s what used to be and what’s right because it becomes this normalcy bias. And then also, you know, we didn’t do what we were supposed to do to stand up for what’s right.
And so it’s important that that we understand how these things are happening and so that we’re not afraid because of. the peer pressure around us that will exist when we stand up for what’s right.
And so with that, let’s go ahead and we’ve just we just hit the 10 o ‘clock mark. We’ll have our official clothes and then we can ask questions or make comments about what I covered tonight or bring up whatever you want in the open forum.
I apologize again for just going to overtime. There was a lot more that I needed to cover. And so. I but I knew that that was about what the time we had was going to be for tonight. And so in coming weeks,
I want to be able to go into more detail about how these things happen and individuals involved so that we can be more prepared and not be so shaken when these things come to the forefront.
And so we’ll go ahead and close. Joyce, would you be willing to give the closing prayer for Joyce Mitchell? Yeah. Yeah, sure. Thank you. Right now. Okay. Father in heaven,
we’re thankful for these insights and understanding that we’re getting about what’s really going on and influences that are corrupting our churches and our families and our communities and our schools.
And boy, we’re not, right? So Heavenly Father, we’re thankful for for these open eyes and pray that that will help us to discern our calling,
each one of us, what you would have us do, help us follow the Holy Spirit with without fear and with courage and help us prepare every needful thing that if we’re called to die for liberty and in little ways and in big ways that that will make us ready and able and willing in the name of Jesus Christ.
Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Thank you Joyce.


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