Utah code is very specific on what qualifies for a “no knock warrant“, and there is no way that those standards were met when the Sheriff’s SWAT team attempted to execute that warrant on me. The detective, his supervisor (sheriff?) and the judge had to make sure certain things were done, that could never have been done and still have issued this dangerous and often deadly type of warrant. Check out the full report below:




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Injustice Unveiled: When I Became a Victim of a No Knock Raid




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  1. I have been a targeted individual since 2013 ( the beginning of hell). I Used to work for TSA/DHS. I have experienced very similar things to you on how the local police, the judicial system, your own neighbors, your co-workers all turn against you and the funny thing is I did nothing. It is a very dark satanic gangstalking system. I have endured heavy DEW attacks from the MIC ( the military industrial complex). It gets deep into the spiritual aspect, but that is for a later time. It is interesting how you mentioned how the judge who signed the “No knock” his wife was also in collusion with CPS. I have written about this crap since 2013,. I have blogged everything that is and was done to me. Currently, it is very difficult to find work. They tarnish your name on all job applications, but the sky net marks your name. There are FBI fusion centers in all aspects of major cities. I tell people if you are targeted to watch the cops because all cops are masonic and work for the Crown corporation. The USA is a corporation. I write to inform and save lives on how COVID is nano technology and mind reading. How it infiltrates the very cellular aspect of ones life. They use black satellites and the sun is NOT a real sun. It is a sun simulator and a Death Star. This is how fires in California start and in Maul. It was all DEW. Laser burns everywhere. I. have been warning people for over 14 years about this crap. I know how they use this AI/ Skynet technology to punish you. You might want to watch Max Spiers and his interview in Poland. He tells you about major secret about genetic testing on humans. ( it gets a little deep and I can explain everything he is talking about if you get lost) So, take notes. He is a super solider and unfortunately he was killed. Don’t be alarmed by it, just accept it and move forward. I have a FB page that talks about all my dealing with being targeted and the powers that be. I am real. My experience is real. I know a lot. I am an MK ultra survivor, but most importantly I have escaped their evil jail system-so far. I know what you went through. They were spying on your previously before that paper work hit the judge’s desk. They use NASA technology. Your personal DNA is being used to make stupid shit up. They say anything they want. This is abuse of power and authority. Defamation and the list is huge. Again, I am real. MY FB is my billboard of life. My work is real. We are going to be pushed into Star Wars. Reagan warned all of us and Eisenhower too, however, I am very disappointed in the fact that they were cryptic and said very little. I am sorry about your house . It could of been a DEW that hit your home, so be aware of that. Also, be aware that these people in the justice system take our private life insurance policies on you and your family. Be very aware of this. They love to play the human life game. They dance around and laugh thinking your not aware of their tactics. Remember, also, the entire society is implanted in the left eye. If you got any shots in the last 10 years- you are infected. Also, remember, watch the food and the medical system. I have experienced many poisonings at restaurants and the medical system is for the cloning now. Yes. that is going on too. So, if you want to contact me for what ever reason…. just go to FB and type in my name. I know all about covert technology that they are using. If anyone you know can not explain weird shit.. then write to me. I can probably help you get over the hump. P..S. The cops use Palantir Technology. Look it up. Nothing is hidden. All evidence that they use and abuse is on their Harddrives. NSA can go forward and backwards. All evidence is on THEIR hard-drives.

  2. Poject Oak tree; Project Pegasus ( time travel aka jump room tech) ( Barack Obama knows about this ); V2k ( voice of god technology); remote neural monitoring ( crimes being done on a cellular level); synthetic telepathy; DARPA – mind reading – this is all military. Example: In the name of Allah, put down your guns for the Americans!” This was v2k that was used on the Iraninans back in the Gulf Storm days. Hive minding is real..
    Project Oak tree- Max Spiers talks about it. It was mothers who were born in the 1930s who would give birth to children in the 1970s. ( genetic following).
    Research it. Educate what black ops has been doing for a very long time.
    Andrew Basagio went on Coast to Coast and told the world about how he went back in time to theCivil War using Project Pegasus and Obama was there too before the jump. So, research Andrew Basiagio, if you don’t believe me.

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