Our most anticipated project is almost here! Vol 2 of INVASION, “How We End It” is now available for pre-order.

We are excited to get this project to you that is literally over a decade in the making.

David “Uncle Milty” Brader of the Kate Dalley Radio Show says,

“Ben McClintock has given us the eyeglasses we need to see through the blur of propaganda. Seeking and seeing the truth and knowing ‘how to end it’ gives us hope for the future of our posterity!”

Expanding on the foundations laid in Volume 1, INVASION Vol 2, bringing us into the 20th and 21st centuries, naming names and revealing information never revealed before about the Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, the Council on Foreign Relations, and many others, INVASION Vol 2 documents how these satanic globalist organizations have infiltrated our communities.

Most importantly though, INVASION Vol 2 offers solutions. Drawing from every society that has been successful in restoring lost liberty, INVASION Vol 2 offers solutions that work.

With an inspiring Forward by “The Teacher of Liberty”, Dr. Joe Wolverton, you are not going to want to miss this groundbreaking volume.

Check out what others are saying about INVASION in the video below, and please share!


As many of you know though, last year with the release of INVASION Vol 1, the book was banned on Amazon AND the Tree of Liberty Society was BANNED from offering any publications through that globalist platform. It seems pretty clear, they are afraid of people getting access to this information, which makes our getting these books out that much more important.

To help us print the books we need to distribute, to get the books into the hands of those who need it (such as radio hosts, leaders of key organizations, podcast hosts, etc) and the marketing we need, we are doing a pre-order fundraiser to help us get the word out on this vital information.

You can help by pre-ordering INVASION Vol 2 at one of the following supporting levels with corresponding added benefits to you as well as getting this volume into the hands of very influential people. Please don’t miss this opportunity to help better inform yourself and help shape the future of things to come.

Please support our pre-order campaign today. Pre-order here.


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