The Glenn Pace Report on Satanic Ritual Abuse Within the LDS Church

Some have not read Bishop Glenn Pace’s memo on satanic ritual abuse because it’s too long, or perhaps because they fear it is too disturbing. It is too important for us to look the other way because we are afraid of being disturbed. It is real. It is happening. We must know about it so we can stop it. If you haven’t read it, take this opportunity to at least listen to it as a scan of the memo scrolls. I believe it is too important to have barriers such as “not having time to read it” get in the way.

If you would like to read the original, you can do so by clicking here.



Learn more here:

Utah County Officials Embroiled in Ritual Abuse Scandal

Satanic Ritual Abuse Denial


2 Responses

  1. I think the current biggest problem with the church is its denial of the satanic secret combinations. Ignoring literally everything in the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, on this topic and never teaching or talking anything about it whatsoever. I highly doubt God could be pleased with such a massive and blatant failure. The way the church acts is as though every lie the secret combinations tell is the truth. Shameful.

    1. Endorsing, promoting, giving money to, urging, participating in, encouraging the globalist agenda is evil. Pushing pharma vaxxines is abominable. Not admitting lies is rebellion against God and the truth. Safe and effective is two blantent lies. Forcing missionaries to get vaccinated is absolutely abominable

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