What The Founders Learned About Dealing With Tyrants

John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon’s Cato’s Letters, were the most read writings of the Founding Fathers outside of the Bible, yet few that consider themselves students of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers have even heard of them, let alone read them.

Regular Contributor to the Tree of Liberty Society, Dr. Joe Wolverton, covers the importance of these letters in a recent podcast you can watch in full, and we hope you do, here.

We know though that your time is valuable, and that when one is introduced to a new topic or individual talking about an unfamiliar topic, it is difficult to commit to a longer podcast at first.

To help you, we’ve put together a three minute clip from this podcast to whet your appetite and encourage you to watch, or listen, to the full episode, and even subscribe to his podcast and listen to everything Dr. Wolverton puts out. The audio versions are available on most podcast platforms, just search for “Joe Wolverton Teacher of Liberty” and you should find it on your favorite app pretty easily.

In this clip, Dr. Wolverton reads from Cato’s Letters what the Founding Fathers learned about how to deal with tyrants. Please watch and then share with all your contacts and on your social media accounts.

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