Are Schools and Media REALLY Grooming Children?

Teachers have been caught on video, and even posting on their personal social media accounts about their lying to parents and normalizing depravity. Mega corporations have been producing material for years doing the same. Finally, people are calling them all out for what they are doing: grooming children for behavior that natural law abhors and that parents would admittedly oppose.   In this report, I show the admissions of teachers, administrators, and a children’s entertainment company acknowledging what they are doing.

The normalization of sodomite relationships has led to all kinds of other depravities, even incest. We know from the confessions of gay sex rights advocates that they have a hidden agenda behind the stories they tell to get their agenda through.

There are people advocating for the normalization of incest—and these aren’t “fringe” voices either—unless you call the company with the biggest grossing films of 2015 “fringe.” In 2002, Marvel Comics published a well selling series based on the popular “Avengers” characters called “The Ultimates.”

In this series Captain America was treated as a backwards thinking person from the 1940s that didn’t understand the “sophistication” of accepting the incestuous “lifestyle.”

Here we have The Wasp explaining incest like it’s the most normal thing to do in the 21st century:

The Wasp: Its What happens when your 1944 brain can’t process present-day anything… You don’t get it, Mister Rogers, do you? They love each other.

Captain America: Of course they do.  They’re brother and sister.

The Wasp: No.  It’s more than that. They’re in love.

This isn’t some freak one-time occurrence, it was actually the running story line throughout the Marvel series. In addition, other issues of the top selling comic explained that the character Quicksilver is attracted to his sister because she reminds him of his mother.

At one time, sodomy was illegal and considered as much a mental illness as incest is today. Through a consistent media normalization campaign, same-sex relationships were transformed from being seen as a danger to society—that cause real physical and mental harm to its adherents—into something that is lauded as courageous and deserving of celebration, science be damned.

With areas that have previously been thought of as safe for families now  having a larger sodomite population than even New York or Denver, it is important for those trying to preserve our unique culture to understand the lies. The populace is being manipulated to support activities that are both dangerous to the body as well as the mind.

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