Arizona Officials Ignore Court Order To Stop Infanticide

Arizona’s Governor and Attorney General have both issued orders and statements stating they would not enforce a court ordered protection of babies in the womb, authorizing the continued murder of children. They claim the ability to do so because, they claimed, the law the legislature passed, and courts deemed Constitutional, were actually unconstitutional, and they believed mothers and doctors have the right to kill unborn children. Additional irony is the fact that these same individuals would say that ignoring court edicts against self defense were a form of “anarchy” and unlawful.

Check out the following report for a more in-depth analysis.



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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for exposing these psychos. Leftists always think in terms of double standards – that they are entitled to do anything they feel like, and anyone who disagrees with them has no right to do so and should be severely punished or harmed.

  2. We did listen to the video or podcast you made on this subject — a week or more ago. Can you tell us what we may be able to do to help in some way against this infanticide position the Arizona Governor and the Attorney General are taking? Also, I’d like to know how to help against the infiltration of horrible book content in the Arizona schools, by design. Are these topics perhaps on your training video?

    Two months ago, we ordered and received two of your books and are quite amazed by them. Thank you.

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