Harassed Investigative Reporter Falsely Accused of Running a Drug Lab, Raided by SWAT

Kate Dalley had me on her InfoWars program to talk about the conspiracy among state and county officials to obtain a no knock warrant against me and my family. What did the SWAT members say to my kids as they left after violating my home on a clearly illegal warrant?


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  1. Remember the guy shot in Provo by the FBI. He did something that was not a good thing, but the Rules of Engagement allowed for the FBI to shoot him even if he did not pick up a gun. The gun only had to be close by. Taking the information from that Raid there is a possibility of a case being manufactured with garbage evidence to get a warrant. It was not to arrest you but to give reason to burn you down with lead under the guise of “Officer Safety” if you had any firearms or something that looked like a firearm anywhere near you. Officer safety is their License to Kill you. The Officers have no Idea (or maybe they do) they are serving a bull crap warrant, they are doing their job, but their Policy gives them license to kill you. Corrupt Politicians want you dead.

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