Inflation & Agenda 2030 – What’s Really Going On?

Energy prices are skyrocketing with no rational explanation for why coming from the corporate media. In this report, I cover the statements made by government insiders admitting they want to damage the economy and raise prices to force us to behave how they want us to behave. It’s all based on Agenda 2030.

Conspirators from the United Nations all the way to the national state and local level do not just aspire to form a one-world government. They seek to take full control of the planet, including the economy, our country, our lives, and our children.

This master plan for technocratic and totalitarian control is found in the UN’s Agenda 21 and the newer and even more draconian Agenda 2030. The aspects of life and society they seek to hijack are euphemistically outlined as “Sustainable Development Goals.”

The WEF’s “Great Reset” as well as the so called, “Build Back Better” plan go hand-in-hand with Agendas 21 and 2030.

More on Agenda 2030 here.

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  1. What this really is – Satan’s war on God’s children and God’s plan, his last desperate ploy to cause as much destruction as he can prior to the Second Coming. This is the great whore, the mother of harlots, the great and abominable church of the devil that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all in the last days, the great and spacious building full of arrogant mockers and scorners living riotously, that eventually the Saints will have no choice but to physically (and economically etc) separate from prior to its casting down and destruction as detailed in the scriptures. It will fail and the devil knows it, as do many of the leadership of his organizations here on Earth (WEF, UN, IMF, etc, etc) but he is taking out as many as he can spiritually before the destruction of the wicked and his binding during the Millennial reign of Christ – prior to his last effort that will get him and his followers cast into eternal darkness never to bother any of us ever again.

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