Medical Information They Don’t Want You To Know About!

Friday March 1st at 7pm MT

Our whistleblower who has over 35 years of experience in medicine, will be sharing information on vaccines and real treatments for good health the medical industry doesn’t want you to know.

You can view the interview here

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  1. “Our governments wouldn’t do that to us.” A great example of an obvious logical fallacy. Another one is, “Our church leaders wouldn’t be wrong about that.”

    I like her promotion of organic produce. And her explanation of folate vs folic acid. Lots of good advice here.

    For a strong immune system eat nutrient-dense high quality foods and avoid most of the Gadianton fake food creations like industrial seed oils, sugar that’s in practically everything (with many different words for it on ingredient lists), the many forms of MSG (which make people fat), white flour, and the many things drenched in glyphosate (GMOs, also grains and legumes that aren’t organic). The Gadiantons of course are trying to make it hard to get any food that won’t wreck your health, so best bet is buy real whole foods from nature (produce, meat, eggs, whole fat dairy, nuts, seeds, healthy fats like olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, pastured lard – and drink water or whole milk, nothing else). And most people should definitely take vitamin D3 and magnesium supplements (magnesium citrate, glycinate, or malate – not magnesium oxide that they sell at grocery stores and Walmart). Over 90% of the population is deficient in these.

    She’s also right that we need connecton to others. Critical for health. People need loving relationships and meaning and purpose in their lives. Everyone needs things that make them happy for health. Also go out in nature often, it’s great for you.

    Once you get used to real food you’ll not like all the fake food concoctions loaded with flour, sugar, seed oils, and MSG. And you’ll find that health issues tend to disappear automatically once you cut out all the junk and you definitely won’t need any vaccines.

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