“Put Your Faith In The State” Agenda 2030 & Regionalism

Many don’t realize how regional governments that they are seeing pop up around the country, like those we see with transit systems, police departments, water districts, etc. are related to the push towards a one world government.

An Agenda 2030 document explains,

“The development of regionalism cannot be isolated from global institutions. Affecting each other in many ways, these groups should be linked in a dynamic process of interaction. Regional arrangements have the potential to complement and contribute to Global Governance” (Our Global Neighborhood, pg. 287)

Then as we get to the local level, we learn that these regional arrangements are all about putting our “faith in the state.” and that if we didn’t, we were “un-American”. (Mark Ward, March 24th 2016, Emergency meeting at the Utah state capitol on HB 276)

Check out the video below for the full report.

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