Restoring Liberty – No Matter Who’s Elected

April 27th 2024 I was invited and had the honor to speak at the National Presidential Nominating Convention for the Constitution Party. The talk was solutions focused and showed the time tested pattern of restoring lost liberty no matter who is elected to whatever position in government. We can have liberty NOW.

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  1. Unbelievable statements to pretend that governments serve God rather than Satan, and therefore should be obeyed always. It couldn’t be more obvious that Romans 13 is talking only about church leaders acting within their callings (when God confirms to us through the Holy Ghost that what they’re saying came from him rather than being their own opinions or agendas).

    One good example of righteous rebellion against wicked government – think of the people of Alma the Elder exnslaved to the Lamanites (paying 50% in taxes), plotting and escaping them. Clearly against the will and laws of the king who was ruling over them.

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