When The Government Fears The People

It is a self evident fact that when the people fear the government, that government is tyrannical. The adverse would seem equally self evident that the people are more free when the government fears them.

Recent news stories are showing that we are making progress in some areas with the fact that tyrannical actions are being curbed because of fear amongst government agents. Check out our report below.

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Hind Let Loose



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Links referenced:

IRS ends unannounced revenue officer visits to taxpayers; major change to end confusion, enhance safety as part of larger agency transformation efforts

IRS ends decades’ old policy to combat safety concerns, scammers

Utah Gov. Cox on declining trust in institutions: ‘It should scare all of us’

US a ‘declining democracy,’ Utah governor says, and it’s time for a ‘wake-up call’


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  1. Cox is clearly afraid of people no longer believing him and other globalists in the numbers necessary, and is afraid of dissent, disobedience, and rebellion against their satanic agenda.

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