I was invited recently to discuss the importance of understanding the conspiracy we face, and how it actually is essential in defeating evil, debunking the idea that we should “just focus on the positive”.



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Secret Combinations


Look at the look at the the pearl of great price. Oh, we learn about master man. We learn about Chapter five tells us a lot about Right Moroni himself in ether chapter eight When he’s talking about the cause of the destruction of the Jaredites He says it is the seer combinations when he talks about the cause of the destruction of the Nephites It’s the secret combinations and then he says To us those reading the Book
of Mormon. I came I thought I mentioned this last time that we talked was he said that we have a Duty he says I have to tell you these things. He says I’m a Rona. I am Commanded to tell you today About these seer combinations that are happening to you not to tell you.
Oh, isn’t it crazy how horrible things are he says no That evil may be done away Talking about and understanding the conspiracy helps to do away with evil. It doesn’t promote it It doesn’t give it light.
It doesn’t give it, you know legs or breath It does away with evil by knowing about he says and that the time may come that Satan may have no power upon the hearts of the children of men Okay,
brothers and sisters. I know I say this occasionally Depending on who comes on the program but backed by popular demand been McClintock from Tree of Liberty Society.
Welcome back. Hey, I’m so excited to be here again. Yes I’m excited to have you too. So I there’s a bunch of things happening in the world. We’ve got things going on in Israel.
We’ve got Things going on in our own country politically you’ve got Hillary Clinton and and Joe Biden president Biden are Referring to MAGA people as What did they call them?
them? The MAGA extremists, right? And as I was watching them, and this will kind of lean into what we’re talking about.
But as I was watching these clips, I’m thinking to myself, we’re just conservative. We’re not any more extremists. And you and I can remember this than the days of Ronald Reagan.
We’re just conservatives. We believe in principles and values. And what is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. And there’s something dangerous happening in America now.
There’s an extremist movement that does not share the basic beliefs in our democracy, the MAGA movement. Not every Republican, not even a majority Republican, adhere to the MAGA’s extremist ideology.
I know because I’ve been able to work with Republicans my whole career. But there’s no question that today’s Republican Party is driven and intimidated by MAGA Republican extremists.
This MAGA threat is a threat to the brick and mortar or democratic institutions. And sadly, so many of those extremists, those MAGA extremists,
take their marching orders from Donald Trump. So we have that happening here, which we call the deep state. We have things happening in Israel,
which can be convoluted. Who knows? There’s all kinds of things going on. And we’ll never know completely till the next life. But I wanted to bring this up before today,
I would like to kind of talk a little bit about like an overview on secret societies and secret combinations.
And I’ll tell you why. As I was reading my Book of Mormon today in King Benjamin’s talking,
talking. Was that Helaman chapter three? Wait a minute, not Helaman. I’m all screwed up. King Benjamin, what was Zaya?
Masiah, Doug Gonnett. See, Masiah chapter three. Was it Masiah? No, it wasn’t Benjamin is. Yeah. Yes, King Benjamin. Chapter two, he’s talking about how he didn’t tax the people.
And then at the end of chapter two, sorry, at the end of chapter two, lo and behold, as I’m thinking about the things you and I talked about a week ago,
lo and behold, he’s talking about our awful situation. And being aware to our being aware of that,
Masiah chapter two, you’re right. I’m sorry. I don’t know where I was going, brother. And that we need to be aware of that. Now,
how many times is it? I don’t know if you know, but how many times is a book of Mormon even mention secret combinations? Oh, I know I have that. And I don’t have in front of me, but it’s the third most talked about subject.
I know that. So you have the Savior, you have his atonement and you have your combinations. Yeah, many, many, many, many times. It is the one of the top subjects. OK,
so I’m I’m going to say I want to read you something real quick. This is from and the reason I brought it up is this is the reason. A lady comments on our video we did last week.
This sounds like Waco. I don’t know if she was saying Waco or Waco. She says, I think she’s like Waco, Texas, right? Like like the branch Davidians,
maybe she. Or she’s just saying we’re Waco’s. I don’t know. Either way, she says it’s way too out there for me. I’ll listen to the prophets and follow the Savior.
The king, the kingdom of God comes in the millennium. Let’s focus on gathering Israel. That’s what the Lord wants us to do. Good luck if this is your calling, but I’m out.
And that’s what she said. I responded to her. Well, if you respect it, then how do you also condemn it? And I’m not being mean to her. Right.
These are real. These are real feelings, right? right? And then I’ll finish this and then I’m going to let you go. I said, I believe you can stick to the mainstream of the church and still defend freedom.
Wasn’t it Satan that wanted to take away agency and not all small groups are bad because she talks about not believing in small groups, right? Or grouping up.
Yeah, that would be an odd thing because the church started out extremely small. So I don’t know what. Right. Oh, she says it again in the thread. I’m sorry. She that wasn’t where I read,
but later she says that she doesn’t believe that people should group up. But then she says she defends our right to do so, which I was like scratching my head.
I said, not all small groups are bad. So how big does the group have to be before it is too small? Right. Right. Alan H. Oaks serves on the board of directors of the World Congress of Families,
a group founded in 1995 and classified by the Human Rights Coalition as an extremist hate group of women’s rights and LGBTQ individuals. I said, I don’t think he thinks that way.
I believe he’s a man of God. My point is that President Oaks is an apostle of Jesus Christ and I sustain sustain him as such. He and many others are part of groups outside the church.
So here’s my point and I’ll let you go. Why is it still important today, Ben, to be aware? Can we still be aware of our awful situation and gather Israel?
I am mind boggled that anybody would think that those are exclusive to each other. I would say the scriptures are clear that you can’t do one without the other. other. And,
and so, you know, I think it’s good to get into, and that’s kind of what we’re going to the direction. So, since this part isn’t the direction of the bulk of what we’re talking about, might be good for the future. But I was just going to say the kingdom of God part,
that’s, that’s not what Joseph Smith taught, that the kingdom of, that’s an organization that will be established prior to the second coming.
And so hopefully there’s either today or in a future time, we can just directly cover that aspect would be fascinating, I think, I love that topic. But Sierra combinations, it is essential for today.
There’s several, and some people, you know, along the lines of what that commenter said will say, well, you know, we just got to focus on the positive, we just got to focus on the things that are, that are enlightening. And that’s just also not what the scriptures say.
We have Brigham Young in the journal Discourses said, we should not only study good and its effects upon our race, but also evil, and its consequences. Doctrine and Covenants section 123,
we learn, therefore, we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them. These should then be attended to with great earnestness.
So, you know, when you wear something out, like you have a pair of pants that you wore out, it’s not because it was sitting in the drawer. It’s because you were using them. And so we are supposed to wear out our lives,
exposing this evil and Moroni himself in Ether chapter eight. When he’s talking about the cause of the destruction of the Jaredites,
he says it is the Sierra combinations. When he talks about the cause of the destruction of the Nephites, it’s the Sierra combinations. And then he says, to us,
those reading the Book of Mormon, I thought I mentioned this last time that we talked, was he said that we have a duty. He says, I have to tell you these things. He says, I’m Moroni, I am commanded to tell you today about these Sierra combinations that are happening to you,
not to tell you, oh, isn’t it crazy how horrible things are? He says, no, that evil may be done away. Talking about and understanding the conspiracy helps to do away with evil.
It doesn’t promote it. It doesn’t give it light. It doesn’t give it legs or breath. It does away with evil by knowing about it.” He says, “And that the time may come that Satan may have no power upon the hearts of the children of men.” Do we not want Satan to not have power upon us right now?
I think this is as relevant a time to get Satan’s power away and to get away with evil. What time the now would be better? I can’t think of another time that those things should be done than now and those prophets of God said that he was commanded to say these things so that we could do away with evil.
That’s by talking about here combinations, by understanding them, by exposing them, by not allowing them to continue and get above you. We’ll get in that a little bit later, but I think that’s the short answer to that question.
It’s mind -boggling that anybody that believes in the Book of Mormon could have that mindset. I agree. I totally agree. And it’s not just an ether that it talks about it,
right? I mean, like I mentioned a few minutes. Well, no, the reason I’m saying that is we tend to forget that it’s sporadic. It’s layered all through the scriptures. Look at the Pearl of Great Price.
We learn about Master Man. We learn about… It goes with chapter five tells us a lot about serum. Right? Exactly. And people,
well, you know, you don’t read it. That was going on during the time of Christ with the Sanhedrin. Yeah, we don’t think that the Pharisees weren’t a part of some kind of a conspiracy or not of our minds.
Exactly. Yes. And that there weren’t backroom deals with the Romans and and and that there weren’t haughty, taughty people in high places that were trying to undermine the savior because he was organized.
Yep. He was organized. He wasn’t just some guy that was floating around with some guys following him. You know, he had the church. It was organized and it was all right at that.
Well, yeah, and it was growing and he was. But I mean, like it’s to her point of it being small, you know, oh, right, small groups, right, bad, small groups, bad. And and it was it was gaining momentum and and it was secret combinations that that eventually played a part in crucifying Christ.
Because because Satan works with secret societies. It’s interesting because I was reading that. Now, why do we can you talk a little bit about some of the early people?
Apostates of the current time of Joseph Smith and how people don’t realize that some of these guys like. Not her, but was it her,
but no. But James Straying and James Strange, who started the Strayingites. John C. Bennett and even Sidney Rigdon. Oh,
yeah, Sidney Rigdon. Yeah. Yeah, go ahead and expound a little, if you will. And so a lot of people, at least, you know, myself, even growing up, I didn’t realize right in 1844,
the death of the prophet and his brother, that there were that there was a what’s referred to now as a succession crisis, right, that there were different people and individuals saying, you know, that no, I’m Joseph’s rightful successor.
No, I am. And and so one of those people that were claiming the to be the legal successor, the rightful successor to Joseph was a guy by the name of James Straying,
who was a convert just like a year before, just, you know, just before the death, not even a year. And and then he just comes along and says, oh, I have this letter from Joseph saying,
I’m the new guy, you know, I got that I’m to replace him. And so and then a year before that, but before he joins, John C Bennett, who was a member of the first presidency.
And then was excommunicated as a member of the first presidency for being engaged in sodomite relationships in abortions, and in a lot of different just nefarious and under immoral behavior right.
And so, after the death of Joseph, this James String and John C Bennett, they get together. And in their new Stringite movement, within it they they actually form a chapter and this isn’t conjecture this is all just public information stuff I got from the joint James String papers at Yale University anybody can go grab those is that they formed an organization chapter of the Bolverian Illuminati,
which is the Bolverian Illuminati was formed in 1776 May 1 by a man by the name of Adam Weissop it’s a it’s a historically real organization existed with its goals to destroy religion and government and George Washington and John Adams knew about it and warned about it and took action against them in America.
I think he was even a Jesuit at before then. That’s what I hear Adam Weissop Adam Weissop. Yeah, but that that I’m not sure I know they talk about the Jesuits and they they used the Jesuits just like they use the masons right to be able to further their ends but I’m not sure about his exact.
Got it. You may be right. And so that organization that was warned about by Washington and Adams is what these these these people that claimed and you know there’s still a small smattering of folks that follow him to this day and even though his letters been completely debunked.
debunked, it just goes to show you. And somebody that helped him, even Sidney Rigdon, who actually was, even though he was still in the first presidency, Joseph tried to release him shortly before.
It was about six months before that in a general conference, Joseph says, “I’d like to be released from the present church. I’ve got other things I need to be working on, the Kingdom of God,
for example, the Council of Fifty.” And so I’m calling my brother Hiram to be the president of the church, and we’re releasing Sidney because he’s just involved in things that I can’t go along with.
And so the church, because of common consent, right, we sustain or we don’t, in conference, the church said, “No, we don’t sustain that action. We’re keeping you, Joseph, as the president of the church. We’re not having Hiram,
and we’re keeping Sidney.” And so, and then Joseph says, “Well, then that’s on you. I’ve tried to rid myself of him. You won’t let me,
so that responsibility is on you.” And so Sidney was a part of the group of people that tried to pull people away from Brigham Young as Joseph’s rightful successor after his death.
And so you have these conspirators that are working together with people that are documented, part of a satanic conspiracy like the Illuminati, working against, you know,
Brigham Young and the legitimate priesthood authority that we continued on after the death of Joseph and Hiram. Yeah. I’m so thankful that you believe that.
It’s like, because there’s a lot of people. Isn’t there a lot of… It’s a crazy movement that’s just taking off right now, and they’re following people that they don’t even realize the history of who and how satanic these people were.
Yeah. Yeah. And the influence that maybe these people had, because Satan, okay, how can you… What boggles my mind is you have members today that have faith and they have testimonies and they believe in miracles.
Because if you ask them, of course, we believe in miracles. Do you believe that Satan is organized against the church? Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, but then if you go look at the timing,
for instance, Adam Weisop, the Constitution, uh, uh, counterfeits. Yep. But Morals and Dogma, who wrote that? That was, uh, uh,
I know you’re talking about I’m gonna blank myself. Yeah. Uh, he’s, he was a Mason, the Scottish, right? But anyway, um, and then, uh, Karl Marx. You can see him in my face,
in my mind’s eye. Yeah. I can’t remember his name. Yeah, Karl Marx with the manifesto. And then Karl’s Mark, Karl Marx with the manifesto. Satan was, uh,
and, and then look at the organization of the, of the restoration, look at the restoration, 1830. All of these things started unfolding, coming about. Satan’s using, uh,
these arms or these tentacles, like on the front of your book, Invasion. Yep. Um, he’s using these tentacles to further his work. And then you ask these members of the church,
do you believe it’s just coincidence? Well, I don’t believe in conspiracies. You know, and then they stop right there and you go, okay, well, uh,
all right, I, I know that if you believe that Jesus Christ is at the head of this church,
then that means that, that there is adversity also that Satan is at the head of his church. Yep. Right. And he does everything,
uh, inverse, right? He does everything the opposite. Why? I think I asked you this before, but do you think a lot of these organizations,
there’s not like a top of the pyramid kind of thing, right? But they all work together. – Yes, I mean, so there,
if you, so George Washington read proofs of the conspiracy by John Robison, John Adams read it and passed it around and encourage others to read it. And so how we even know about the Illuminati is that one of,
you know, back in those days, they didn’t have the post office. People hired couriers to deliver their mail, especially if you’re involved in a satanic conspiracy. You didn’t really want that to be going through any kind of public transportation means.
And so they had their own courier taking their papers. And one day, providentially, I believe, their courier was struck by lightning and their papers were discovered.
And so based on those papers and having large swaths of their papers being just basically copy and pasted, whatever you do in the 1790s, into the book proves a conspiracy. And so it is kind of like a pyramid of sorts where there’s levels within levels,
where just like with the tentacles, each of these levels, they don’t really know that they’re a part of something, but they don’t know that there’s actually people above them and that they’re being lied to. And so we know from the papers of the Illuminati that they have their levels within levels and the ones that are higher up,
they know about the levels beneath them, but they don’t know about the levels above them. And so of course, and then you get eventually to the top where you have fewer and fewer people that are involved in that part of the aspect of the conspiracy.
And so, yeah, all of these different tentacles and organizations, your thugs, your antifa thugs in the streets, they don’t as a whole realize it. There’s probably ones or twos that,
you know, they’re a part of the higher part of the organization that are influencing the lower and they don’t know about the higher group of them that’s influencing them and so on and so forth. – Right. – So you’ve got these tentacles that appear to be separate and operating separately.
And so you think, oh, I’m, you know, that’s a conspiracy. I’m gonna cut it off and I’m gonna stop that. Well, not realizing that it’s a part of this Leviathan beast. And so if you don’t understand the head of it,
then you’re just cutting off and two more will grow in its place. You have to go after the, instead of cutting off the branches, you gotta go after the trunk and the roots. – Right. And we’re not saying,
and I don’t think you’re saying that there aren’t good people in some of these organizations too. That, like you said, lower level, middle management. Some, like you said, that Satan in these organizations,
what is it, the right hand, does it know what the left hand’s doing? I think that’s the– – In some cases, especially on the lower levels that you are, of course, the more ignorance there is because in each of those levels,
you enter into a new covenant and so those change. Like the bottom level of the Illuminati even, they say, oh yeah, we believe in sustaining the government and we believe in morality and Christianity and religion.
But each level up, they start to undermine Christianity and religion and they start to undermine the governments. And then the next level says, oh, all religion is bad and we need to replace the government with our own.
And so, yeah, absolutely, within the organization, there’s going to be people at different levels that have a different understanding of what they’re involved in. – And we have those,
they’re called autocrats or I call them world oligarchs and fake philanthropists and people like that. I won’t, I’ve named them before,
but then sometimes I try not to name them. You know what I’m saying? The last time I was on, I said– – Those dang algorithms– – I said JS and you said, you mean GS. – Oh yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah. – But he’s not the only one. We always just think of him, but he probably laughs thinking that people think he’s the only one.
– ‘Cause there’s JS, right? – Yes, yes, and we know who he is, yeah. – And so, yeah, you have these different people and if you know them,
then they’re probably lower down. The higher up they do, you know, the average Joe doesn’t know about them, so they’re not at the bottom level, but they’re probably mid -level management, right? They’ve got the higher ups that most people probably have never even heard of.
– Well, and I even tried to disguise it by calling them cloak and daggers. And then I was just like, you know what, and it was cute because a lot of my followers are like,
oh, cloak and daggers, and they were using the cloak and daggers. But I’m at the point now where it’s like cross my fingers and knock on wood and pray. I haven’t gotten a strike yet.
OK, so we’re good. We’re good for a while. OK, for a while. Right. Thankfully, you got, you know, three strikes. But that’s why it makes it so you can’t and in between you strike, you can’t put new stuff up there.
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I will leave all of his links. All of his links will be in the descriptions field. And then he’s got this amazing book that you have got to read. I’ll be getting it soon. And and also I’ve got merch.
Check out my merch, Ben. I’ve got CTR. It’s almost wintertime. So I’ve got hoodies and and and shirts and all kinds of stuff. And let me see what else. OK, and then memberships and all that good stuff.
And I’m on rumble and you’re on rumble. Yes, that’s what I focus on is because I was I we had a YouTube account and it was completely wiped out. And so we’ve we’ve got it because we know people are there.
But I focus more on encouraging people to go to the website because even rumble, I’ve had videos removed from rumble. And so nobody is 100 percent pure on the freedom of speech front. And so make sure that you’re subscribing to our text and email alerts to make sure that you’ll always know that there’s,
you know, what’s going on on the website, even if it gets taken off the other platforms. Absolutely. Also. OK, so here’s here we go. So, like I said, I was afraid and I was saying cloak and daggers.
Now I’m just saying secret combinations again, but it’s funny because secret combinations is a Latter -day Saint term, but YouTube picked up on it. Now they know they,
well, they want, they deleted a video of mine that had secret combinations in the title. I don’t know. And all I was saying was secret comments.
I’m like, how did they know? They know. All right. So here’s my question. You’ve got the CFR. You’ve got the World Economic Forum, right?
You’ve got, which is kind of a new thing that we talk about. We didn’t used to group that in so much. Didn’t know about it. Yeah. Then we have what, what do they call the Club of Rome?
Oh, yeah, you have the Club of Rome. Yeah. Okay. So you’ve got all these things, the Rockefellers, the rocks, you know, the, the, the Trilateral Commission, the Trilateral Commission and the Masons.
They’re not all just ran by one thing, one group. I mean, Satan is running it, but as far as earthly organizations are concerned, do they just kind of,
why do they work with each other? Do they just rub elbows with each other and hobnob? And that’s kind of why we group them together. Well, because they’re working on the same agenda and the leaders.
They are all kinds of crossover. And so you can kind of tell the higher ups because they’re, they are a part of all of these different groups. And so you’ve got like, you know, folks that are members of the CFR,
as well as the Bohemian Club and the, and attend the Bohemian Grove, as well as the same individuals are also part of like skull and bones of the Trilateral Commission, because they’re from the higher up and they’re going into these other organizations to make sure and influence them.
And then also the same people above to make themselves look bigger than they are, if you read rules for radicals, you build a bunch of groups so it makes it look like,
oh, look at that, there’s five different organizations that believe the same thing as them. And so, obviously, this is a popular idea, even though if you look at who sponsors all of these groups,
you’re like, oh, wait, it’s the same organizations. Right, that was Noam Chomsky, right? Rules for radicals, yeah. Dedicated to Satan, isn’t that wonderful? Yes, he said that Satan was the first communist or the first Marxist,
I can’t remember. But he said– Yeah, it was the first person that was, well, according to his version of Liberty, the first person to be the first rebels, I think it was the exact wording that he said.
And that surprised, I was like, wow. Because how do you say that unless you’re getting that from some evil entity?
That is straight out of the plan of salvation. That is straight out of the war in heaven. Yep. That’s what he was saying was Satan is a man. And he’s a man without a body.
And he is a ideologue, right? These antifa and all these things we’re seeing, that was going on in the pre -mortal life.
I’m sure it wasn’t as physical. It was a verbal– we don’t know. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. But you were there, you still remember. Right, we don’t remember. But it was a verbal, probably,
interaction. There was a war, and the war is continuing here. Right. And even– let me read this real quick. We always talk about Ezra Japp Benson.
There’s lots of quotes. But J. Reuben Clark was another champion of– against tyranny, right? He said,
and do not think that these usurp– sorry, usurp something. usurpations. I think I’m saying that,
right? I think so, yeah. Intimidations and impositions are being done to us through inadvertence or mistake. The whole course is deliberately planned and carried out.
Its purpose is to destroy the constitution and our constitutional government, then to bring chaos out of which the new state statism,
statism with it, with its slavery is to arise with a cruel, relentless, selfish, ambitious through in the saddle, riding hard with whip and spur and red shrouded band of night writers for despotism.
That was 1949. And people go, wow, I mean, back in night, yeah, the people call it the good old days, but I’m hearing that since right from day one when the constitution was drafted,
uh, it was under attack. It was under attack. Washington warning about the Jacobin and the Illuminati influence and the whiskey rebellion and the,
um, the alienation tradition act was a direct response to the Illuminati’s influence in America. And so George Washington and John Adams were united in their efforts to stop its influence here. Well,
who were the Jacob, Jacob, the Jacobins? Yeah. So they were the ones kind of the Illuminati club in France for the French Revolution. And so when the Illuminati was discovered,
uh, Weishoff had to pretend to be repentant and return to the Catholic church. And so, uh, they just changed name, which is why it’s essential that you don’t focus on the names, you focus on the goals, and then you can figure out,
you know, that they are the direct descendants of. And so you look at the Jacobins papers and they’re like, no, we are. And so even Washington said the Jacobins and the Illuminati use the word interchangeably, it was just like the next,
it was the, it was the baby, it was the next organization that these people started, because they couldn’t use the same name. Right. Well, and I even, even like all the things that we’re talking about in this video,
it seems like, I don’t know, YouTube might be relaxing themselves a little or they’re saying that people are jumping ship. And so they’re trying not to just platform people. But I remember 2016,
in the middle of Trump’s, well, maybe 2017, they started throwing people off of here, left and right off of YouTube,
in the middle of Trump’s administration. We can gather Israel and still be aware of our awful situation.
Like I said before, right? Yep. Absolutely. I mean, I, and I don’t see how you can’t like, do you, a part of gathering Israel is explaining the doctrines of the church.
And I know this was one of the comments, right? Ben should distinguish between doctrine and his views. And I hope people can distinguish between that. But I believe that the scriptures are doctrine. I think that’s a fair, that’s a fair thing.
And so if we’re going to be preaching the doctrine, we should be preaching the scriptures. And the Book of Mormon specifically says to our day that we need to be fighting this year combinations. And so if we’re going to be preaching the doctrine,
which will help gather Israel, and the one of the, you know, what, what are the reasons for gathering Israel is to be able to build more, you know, have more people come into it and to be able to follow this.
Receive the blessings of the Gospel. Exactly. And the temple ordinances. Just like the restoration, right? The, the constitution had to be established for the restoration. And so the stronger that the seer combinations are,
the harder it is for the gospel to go forward. And so it’s essential for us, just like with those preliminaries, as we continue on to be able to allow the gathering of Israel to even take place,
you have to destroy the seer combinations because there are places in the world today because of the absolute control of the conspiracy that it’s not even allowed to go. Right, right.
Well, Ben, I am so thankful. I just kind of wanted to get an overview. You’re going to come back on the first, right? Yep. Is there any other things that maybe you want to cover,
talk about that maybe you were ready to hit on that maybe I didn’t? Sure. I mean, just just just real quick. I think it’s important that this, you know, this isn’t conjecture, right?
Again, we have their admissions, we have their own writings. And in the memoirs of the autobiography of David Rockefeller, he admitted to being a part of this conspiracy says some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States,
characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring his word with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure. One world,
if you will, if that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it. Yeah. And so we have their admissions, we have the scriptures, we have their admissions, we have their documents,
we have wise men like the Founding Fathers writing about it. We had, we have, you know, we have prophets of the restoration warning us about it today. Why would they do that if it didn’t matter anymore?
I find that to be, you know, silly. And so we, again, we talked about this last time, encourage folks to go to our website. If you go to the learn section, we have a whole section on Sierra combinations that we just don’t have time right in this kind of a format to be able to get into that we’ll just open things wide open,
give you the tools you need to come to the understanding using facts. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I believe in conspiracy facts, and we need to stick to facts, things that are provable, documentable.
And those, those tools are available for free on the website. If you like what we’re doing, I hope you’ll become a member and support us. But if you just want to learn, go to the website, it’s free. Thank you so much,
Ben, and I will see you again on December 1st. Thank you.


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