Fighting For Liberty: Economic Independence

Understanding the threats we face is only one part of restoring lost liberty. Understanding what we must be building is just as essential.

In our book, INVASION: How the Conspiracy Has Infiltrated Your Community,  we cover in great detail three principles the conspiracy attacks to destroy the liberty of a people so that we can understand what the conspiracy fears and do those things.

One of these things that the conspiracy attacks and what a free people need to remain free is economic independence. In this clip from our sneak peek into INVASION vol 1 & 2, that you can watch here, Ben McClintock introduces the principles we need to understand regarding economic independence and its universal importance throughout history.



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Mediums of exchange is one of many ways that need to be developed to gain financial independence from the conspiracy. Check out these previous reports on ways we can get out from under the thumb of the Federal Reserve:

Bringing Back Constitutional Money

Nullifying the Federal Reserve


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